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It’s a bit like that football match at Christmas during WWI.
Who knows why and when a tipping point is reached?

It would be good to think, nay hope that they can build on this and the truce won't be just a fleeting one.

"United for one day"

Does this, from your link, not give you a clue?
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Perhaps an ideal opportunity for the LA police to sort some of those gang leaders out?
ANOTHEOLDGIT, your question implies there were other ways to bring the gangs together.

What is your suggestion?
It's really not that much different than years ago when members of rival families in the mafia all attended the funeral of a murdered 'boss'.
And shortly after the elaborately grand and well-attended funeral. it was business as usual...Capiche?
It’s a positive step, maybe a small one, but at least positive . Good for them .

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Why Did It Have To Take The Killing Of This Particular Celebrity To Bring These Gangs Together?

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