Another Stabbing In Edmonton

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retrocop | 15:14 Tue 02nd Apr 2019 | News
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Like London buses,"There's another one coming"
Of course I am just scaremongering according to one ABer. Well I am not scared spath but it would appear some Edmonton residents are so scared they want to relocate. I am sure nothing happens in your sleepy hollow.


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Cannot understand all this, there must be dozens upon dozens of Murderers or even mass murders roaming free upon the streets of London and other venues.

At one time if a murder was committed it would be headline news and a massive man hunt carried out not only in this country but also further afield even.

And when caught these murderers would become infamous, and almost everyone would remember their names, no one knows off the top of their head, the names of these recent killers or even if they have been caught.

I wager everyone knows of Jack the Ripper or even Dr Crippin who murdered his wife, but was apprehended in America and then sent back to England to be tried and convicted and later hanged for his devilish crime.
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Strange you should say that Mr aog. I recall in the days of Capital punishment a murder was comparitively rare and would be front page news on the Sunday paper when one happened.
I hve my father's scrap book and there are a couple of newspaper clippings of him in a National Newspaper of the day (Sunday Sketch)
He was escorting a squaddie into court,in No1 dress,for the murder of a doctor and his wife in Edgeware Middx. No one had heard of Edgeware but a double murder put it on the map.
Actually the murder rate per 100k is only slightly up. I think there are three things to note here:
1) The population has grown massively since 1900's so the number of murders will naturally increase. Also with an increase in er 100k that larger population means bigger numbers overall.
2) Reporting is different now. News was often 'local' unless mass murders or unusual ones.
3) The reasons for murders are quite different now meaning our comprehension of them struggles.
Some bits of it are awful, and it has been called Stabmonton for a good while now. It's such a shame for the decent people that live down there.
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Used to be a main area for furniture and cabinet making. That was when skilled workers lived there. Sgt Major Charlie Coward worked in the industry and lived there.
(Password is Courage).
Coffin makers will be the trade to follow if things don’t change. :-(
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You out there somewhere in your village? I noticed you are apparently unaware of the 5th stabbing in the LONDON Borough of Edmonton today judging by your absence on this thread.
You might be oblivious to the fact that there were two life threatening stabbings in Wembley today. Wembley is in the LONDON Borough of Brent. I am sure you are happy to maintain that London is a perfectly place to roam at will.
Problem is it is like a lottery. Where do you feel sending your Mrs or teenage daughter knowing they will not be accosted,stabbed,raped etc is perfectly safe?. How many stabbings/killings occurred in your little village over the last three days and when do you decide it is a little hairy and getting out of control?

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Another Stabbing In Edmonton

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