Do We Need To Protect Women's Sport From Men Claiming To Be Women?

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Deskdiary | 20:51 Sat 30th Mar 2019 | News
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I fervently believe we do - as does Martina Navratilova, Sharon Davies, Gabby Logan and, if she's to be believed, many other sportswomen.

Rachel McKinnon, who won a women's cycling event, is a 6 foot burly bloke who still has a penis, but because he 'identifies' as female is allowed to compete against proper women. How have we managed to get to this farcical situation that blokes masquerading as women can cheat, and we're meant to accept it?

I genuinely find it utterly bonkers, and I feel sorry for the women who train as hard as they can to become as good as they can in their chosen sport, only for a bloke like McKinnon come and steal their opportunity.;cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiAuu3N0KrhAhXWAGMBHZiqAIwQjRx6BAgBEAU&


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Great stuff. I remember when lesbians were a protected minority, now they're bigoted oppressors.
It's a tricky old game, identity politics. One day, top trumps, the next it's biting you on the ***.
The Olympic boxing might be very interesting.
I think we can discuss this issue rationally without the use of transphobic (yes, that's what it is - please try to keep up) language, DeskDiary.

The division of sport into two categories - Men's and Women's - derives from a traditional and simplistic classification based exclusively on biology. And by that crude standard biological "women" do, indeed, need to be protected from unfair competition by biological "men".

But a more subtle consideration of the issue might suggest that biology alone is not the single determinant. There are, for example, societal and psychological factors at work amongst others. Allowing for all of those, then, the biological woman does not need, nor ought to demand, protection from a competitor who is just as much a woman, but has had the accidental misfortune to be born with some features of the male physique. But to complain about "unfa" advantage in this case would be just as irrational as a shorter basket-ball player shouting "foul!" because another basket-ball player is two inches taller.

PS: I understand, of course, why sportswomen of an older generation like Martina and Sharon find it a little difficult to come to terms with the modern view. But I do believe Ms Navratilova has apologised for her ill-considered outburst, hasn't she?
" Men's and Women's - derives from a traditional and simplistic classification based exclusively on biology..." Precisely, there are two sexes, male and female and nothing in between. The word 'gender' belongs to a grammatical discussion involving nouns in certain languages. It is quite ridiculous to assume that how many cut and pastes you subject your body to is going to alter your sex.
Never have an arm wrestling match with any of them two Williams sisters.
How far down the "male" rankings in tennis would you have to go before you found a biological man who wouldn't be the bookie's favourite to beat either Williams, or any other top ten seeded woman in "women's tennis"?
Deskdiary @ 21:25

Agree with you on that. Is he only winning women’s races because he isn’t actually better than the men?
When it comes to competitive sport those at the top, or even mid range, are really at the top of or nearing the top of their game and has less to do with ‘the general population can’.

On a general level men are stronger and faster than women. That is a biological fact. And stems in no small part to our hunter gatherer ancestors.

If in the future we, through Darwinian selection, change the very makeup of the world population things might change. As it is we are stuck with our genes and men are stronger and quicker.

Gender politics is the in thing and self identity is being used as a stick to beat people with.
In a common sense world women's sport should need to be protected. That a man decides he wants to be called ‘she’ is irrelevant. He isn’t a ‘she’. He’s a ‘he’.
*shouldn't need*
who's "we"? "We" don't need to protect women's sports at all. Do you really lie awake at night worrying about this sort of thing? Leave it to the sports authorities themselves to sort out as they choose.
//"We" don't need to protect women's sports at all.//

"We" as a society need to stop pretending that men who choose to call themselves 'she' are women. They're not.
You're absolutely right, jno...bullocks to the genuine women athletes.
It a tough, tough world.
All the years of women campaiging for equality, then what happens? Just change sex. There you have it.
Ipso fatso. Equality. Simples!
yes, men should not be allowed to compete in womens sport.
this TG cobras is getting silly, how long before all "womens" rugby teams are full of geezers who where not really good enough?
Talbot, the sports bodies can sort it. If they do it in a way that dissatisfies the public, the public will go away, young wannabes will do the same, and the sports will die. It's nothing "we" need to wring our hands about, there are governing bodies in office to do just this sort of thing. Write them a stern letter to make your opinion clear, if you wish.
jno, //the sports bodies can sort it.//

They've sorted it. They're allowing men to compete in women's events. A wonderful incentive for young girls of ambition to embark upon a career in sport. :o/
It's cheating isn't it, so yes, sports do need to be protected from cheating.

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