Excuse Me Ms Miller But 15,188,406 People Voted To Leave The Eu In The Official Poll That Being The Referendum.

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anotheoldgit | 12:40 Mon 25th Mar 2019 | News
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/// The true patriots are making their voices heard too, in the phenomenal on-line petition to revoke Article 50 which I have no doubt will pass the 5 million mark soon and keep rising. Opinion poll after opinion poll is making the same point just as powerfully: since the start of 2018, 113 out of 125 polls have favoured remaining in the European Union. Only three polls have shown a majority wanting to leave, with nine
tied. ///


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Make that 17,410,742, aog.
It has over 10 thousand signatures so it need to be recognised, however as we all clearly know.. More people voted to leave than have voted in this petition.

It should get recognised, but no action should come from it.
why... you worried?
//I might add that as a result of excruciating back problems – due to too much travelling around the country and burning the candle at both ends over the past few months – I was advised to follow the march only on the television, although I am there in spirit every step of the way//

More like the huge weight of that chip on her shoulder....
ag, or all that ducking and diving.
Naomi,'ouch'! ;-)
Just be thankful Ms Miller gave many Brexit MPs the chance to vote down the treacherous deal from hell ;-)
And this is the thanks she gets from you lol
I wonder what was Nigel’s excuse (oh yes radio show) and Jeremy’s (only 50 sleeps before the May elections)
Question Author

And you are so right Naomi, foolishly I was only counting the English vote.

Northern Ireland produced 349,442 votes

Scotland 1,018,322

Wales 854,572
There's something strange about folk with surnames beginning with 'M'!!

(awaits AB backlash...)
Ichkeria at 11:56, I'll be watching for you to repeat that when we leave with No Deal. ;o)
Er if we leave with no deal won’t that also be thanks to Ms Miller?
Are we also comparing like for like?
1. Can all the people answering this poll vote in a referendum or can teenagers under 18 also sign the poll.
2. Can non UK members of the EU who are afraid of what will happen to them should the UK leave also sign the poll!

Surely we are not comparing similar populations!
Doubt it. She did what she did in the hope of achieving a vote against the triggering of A50. Oops!
^That to ichkeria.
Question Author

/// I wonder what was Nigel’s excuse (oh yes radio show) ///

Isn't Nigel taking part in the opposing long distance march, due to reach London on Friday, the 'PROMISED'EXIT DAY'?

/// and Jeremy’s (only 50 sleeps before the May elections) ///

Jeremy found it more interesting to take a stroll on Morecambe
I think you’ve missed my point Naomi: I was pointing out that ironically Brexit supporters should be grateful to the dreaded Ms Miller because had she not forced the government into a vote ... well I’m repeating myself I realise.

Don’t you do irony ever! :-)

As for aog, I don’t think Nigel is exactly with those marchers every step of the way, hence my question about excuses ...
I see where you are coming from Ich, yes it could be ironic (if it happens).
I realise she did not want the other outcome either ;-)
The so-called referendum was 3 years ago, and based on a pack of lies, in addition to being illegally funded.

That is NOT democracy, that's corruption.

The sensible People have woken up and realised what an absolute farce it is and want it to stop. Those who stand to make a fortune out of it like Jacob, Boris, and Nigel still push their poisonous agenda of course.

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Excuse Me Ms Miller But 15,188,406 People Voted To Leave The Eu In The Official Poll That Being The Referendum.

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