Loss Of Youth Provision In London

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agchristie | 09:44 Fri 22nd Mar 2019 | News
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How crucial have these losses been and could this be a reason for the increase in knife crime in the capital?

//Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, said: “The Tories are in complete denial about the effects of austerity. Youth services play a crucial role in our communities. If the government are serious about protecting our young people, then they should put their money where their mouth is.”//


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Oh dear Spathi, take those rose tinted spectacles off.

Unfortunately what Retro has written is probably far from the real truth - that is a lot worse.
YMB, what retro has said is:

"I believe someone posted her daughter was visiting London to attend a show a while ago. The poster,herself,had not visited London for years and was worried for her daughter and family. With some justification I reluctantly concede. "

If you think going to a show in London should cause other family members worry, then you're fear mongering.

I've been to London multiple times in 2018 and not once did i see a gram of violence. There was once incident on the tube where i felt a bit intimidated, but that was my own fault, for apparently looking someone in the eye. The situation quickly calmed down. This would never happen to anyone who wasn't my age though, such as an older person or even a much younger person.

I went to London literally to hang about. Let alone have a specific agenda like a show to go to.
I'm not saying violence doesn't happen in London of course it does and it can be savage, but it's rarely mindless, there is usually a reason be that gangs or drugs. But it wont happen to you on the way to the west end.
// There was once incident on the tube where i felt a bit intimidated, but that was my own fault, for apparently looking someone in the eye. The situation quickly calmed down.//

So you are not allowed to look someone in the eye otherwise you will be made to feel intimidated by that person and you take the blame for that???God. What sort of so called hayseed bumpkin are you.?
You should be able to look any one in the eye. You really do live in a bubble.
//But it wont happen to you on the way to the west end.//
Get a brain will you. The west end is rich pickings for any would be mugger. Plenty of people smartly dressed, not necessarily wealthy , but taking their mum and dad to the Savoy for a Tea Dance to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Easy pickings Spath.
Would you wear your Rolex/Omega when visiting the West End?
You behave like and write like a hapless child with no wordly experience outside your Uttoxeter Hamlet. Do you get many Roma pickpocket gangs as old as thirteen in your neck of the woods?
If you are a female and place your handbag on the floor of McDonalds in Oxford street it will be gone by the time you take your first bite. Fact. Happened to my late MIL.
With regard to our reminicing of ATC days. I was just watching,on Discovery History, a programme about the IDF and
Israel's wars with their Arab neighbours. It mentioned the Israeli Air Force made a pre-emptive strike on the airfields of Egypt and in one day knocked out 400 Egyptian,Jordanian and Iraqi aircraft in one day for the loss of 19 of their own.
One of our RAF VRT officers,Flt Lt Gerry Page was the only commisioned officer in our ATC Squadron who actually wore the pilots brevet and appropriate campaign medals. He flew Hurribag Tankbusters and Beauforts in the RAF Desert Airforce, NorthAfrica.
He was highly respected by us young lads.
When he retired,apart from becoming a VRT officer, he was the Company Pilot for an Oil company based in Switzerland and had use of the Companies DeHavilland Dove.
Flt Lt Page often did not appear on our Sunday parades in our Hangar at RAF Hendon. We later found out that Gerry was Jewish and with his companies full permission and blessing he was allowed to fly the Dove over to Israel and park it up in exchange for an IDF Dassault Mirage. He would shoot down a few Arab aircraft and come home again for work on Monday.
A really fantastic character and a privilege to make his acquiantance with fond memories.
Retro whydon’t you get a brain, the majority of people in london live happy lives without being stabbed. Get real.

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Loss Of Youth Provision In London

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