Daily Mail Used Newzealand Terrorist Video

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Gromit | 23:39 Fri 15th Mar 2019 | News
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Before commiting his atrocity, the New Zealand far right terrorist, set up an helmet-cam to broadcast his killing spree live on facebook.
Fortunately, he did not have many followers,and not many saw it live.
Until the Daily Mail (and other outlets worldwide) used footage of the murders on their website. A very terrible editorial decission. The terrorist filmed it hoping the horrific images would be seen, and the Daily Mail vastly magnified the worldwide audience by hosting it ontheir website.
Do you agree that this is a new low for the paper.


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Since the new editor took over, the paper has nose-dived into even more of a grubby pointless gossip rag than it was before.

Today, it thinks that showing pictures of Rod Stewart in two different hats is 'news' - and gave the pics prominent coverage.

It has always loved prodding the prurience that is in-built in its readership but yes, this is a new low even for such a scurrilous excuse for a newspaper.
The Daily Mail stirs up as much nastiness as it possibly is disgusting IMO.. trouble is that is hurts people. I really am not surprised that it has done this and equally unsurprised that it's readers (or picture gazers) will have avidly watched it.
Question Author
I am at a loss why anyone would want to watch this.

Does must the Mail’s editorial board think of its readers, if they think they want to watch people being murdered.
Geordie Greig,hang your head in shame.

If only there could be a Liverpool-esqe boycott of The Sun in protest...
Epic Fail ...

"Does must" . . . what's that mean?
Question Author
Sorry, that should have read...
What does the DM think of its readers.
Try 'What must' to correct the simple typo.
Crossed Gromit, sorry.

I feel that any outlet that hosted the video content is dreadful, as are others who were slow to take it down if posted by members.
I disagree with others here.

News is news and it shouldn't be censored.

That video should have been shown, in full, by the BBC, ITV, Sky, CNN and every other broadcaster across the world.
Wouldn't you have to click on it to watch it?
Not necessarily -- videos on Daily Mail seem to be set to autoplay by default.
I presume you would Spice.
Ah, you make a fair point Jim - I have been on sites where videos start auto.
I noticed earlier today that the DM had the video on their site. There was no way that I'd watch it...not just for my own sanity and peace of mind. Watching it would seem to give the killer credibility and attention that he doesn't deserve. I certainly don't agree that news outlets should post this sort of thing without some means of allowing viewers to CHOOSE whether or not to view. Once seen, it can't be undone.
How come you are not also targetting the Daily Mirror?

The inclusion of the video by the DM is insensitive and offensive and kowtows to the attacker's agenda by reaching out to the widest possible audience.

Paul Dacre famously ran with the headline 'Enemies of the People' when describing the judges.This headline could apply to the newspaper itself.It is a betrayal to the victims
The DM has a vested interest in doing this in order to do their bit towards helping boost the uploader's image to that of "hero" as its roots are firmly planted in the far right.

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Daily Mail Used Newzealand Terrorist Video

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