Daily Mail Used Newzealand Terrorist Video

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Gromit | 22:39 Fri 15th Mar 2019 | News
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Before commiting his atrocity, the New Zealand far right terrorist, set up an helmet-cam to broadcast his killing spree live on facebook.
Fortunately, he did not have many followers,and not many saw it live.
Until the Daily Mail (and other outlets worldwide) used footage of the murders on their website. A very terrible editorial decission. The terrorist filmed it hoping the horrific images would be seen, and the Daily Mail vastly magnified the worldwide audience by hosting it ontheir website.
Do you agree that this is a new low for the paper.


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I have nothing in general against the editor of the Mail (Brexiters will doubtless hate him because unlike his predecessor, he is not of their tribe), but this was a serious error of judgment. That they did it was worse than the fact that the Mirror and the Sun did the same, because their website has vastly more viewers.
Just been watching the Sky "Press Preview" coverage of the incident.

Why are people there and here more concerned about the snuff movie content (seriously distressing as that may be) rather than the more important question of "who did it and why?".

it's not either/or.

Incidentally, I see the Mail's headline is "Massacre shame of Facebook". A reminder that the various branches of the Mail empire do not see eye to eye. I don't think this is to be laid at the door of the daily newspaper's editor at all. I imagine the Mail on Sunday will take a different line again.
It's not a 'new' low for it at all - it's just down there in the muck where that newspaper spends most of its time.
^If there's any truth in the OP.
I've read the scathing 'Facebook Massacre Shame' article.
Hard to believe they'd attack others in such a way while doing exactly the same thing themselves.
And i don't buy jno's 'explanation' that one part of organisation is battling with another.
Have you got a link to go with your OP, Gromit? Or did you read it in one of your left wing comics.
I didn't think they could get any lower but hey presto!
this was an atrocious act of terror however to view the footage is it such a surprise people will watch it ?
after all how many people have watched the planes crash into the world trade centre towers ?
both were acts of terror both meant to spread fear and be watched by as many as possible !
Good point, J5. Personally, I wouldn't watch a video of this massacre but I've watched the 9/11 footage dozens of times.
Some kind of detachment, I suppose. I wouldn't watch a beheading but I'd watch a film of an air-raid.
propaganda one way or another will be spread by which ever media is available at the time it is just a shame that hate preaching seems to spread so fast
/// The DM has a vested interest in doing this in order to do their bit towards helping boost the uploader's image to that of "hero" as its roots are firmly planted in the far right. ///

What a load of left-wing twaddle.

Are you actually saying that the Daily Mail is a Far-Right publication?
when Paul Dacre was editor of the Daily Mail it took a hard line on Brexit and had as little as possible to do with the website, which was and is full of celebrity cellulite. The Mail on Sunday under Geordie Grieg took a much softer line.

When Dacre retired, Grieg took over as the daily's editor and brought his softer line with him. Dacre's deputy Ted Verity took over the Sunday paper, taking Dacre's hard line with him, so the two papers swapped stances.

As for the website, I don't know who's running it now. It was a man from Fox News, but he was sacked a few weeks ago. That it ran the video does look like the work of a company without anyone in charge. Grieg was right to keep his distance - but the newspaper's story doesn't seem to be on the website anywhere, surprise surprise.
//Grieg took over//

Fee references to 'Grieg' there jno.Do you lack composure? ;-)
^ Peer pressure. ^
Anotheoldgit, it's about as far right as any daily newspaper in this country can get away with. One of its two founders Viscount Rothermere was a known supporter of nazi Germany.
...furthermore, there is no call for you to be so hostile towards me.
lol, I don't charge a fee, agc, I do it for pleasure...

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Daily Mail Used Newzealand Terrorist Video

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