Louis' Sister

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spathiphyllum | 15:56 Fri 15th Mar 2019 | News
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Not a fan of his music but I don't wish this on anyone at all.

Recently lost his mother and it was hard for him now his sister.

Poor chap.


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As you mention,whether you care for his music is irrelevant.

Awful news.
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How scary it's not often you hear of 18 year olds having heart attacks.
Tragic, that poor family.
Sad. What a struggle.
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So sad, poor Louis will feel a lot of pressure as the oldest hopefully he can focus this sad energy on his music to help him gather his thoughts.
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People say things like "I'd do anything to be famous like him" but gosh does it go to show that the actual important things in life are free and thigns most of us take for granted day to day.
What a beautiful young woman - such a tragedy.
Very sad, so young as well, I feel for Louis.
I read this this morning on the way to work. Louis seems a really nice man, down to earth and genuine, I really feel for him.

Life can be cruel. Poor Louis. A lot to bear...I wish him all the strength in the world to somehow cope.

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Louis' Sister

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