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No further than they would for any male-female relationship. No primary-school child is taught the functional or practical application of heterosexual sex; nor should they be.
At primary level that’s it - relationships, not sex. It will barely be touched upon in the minuscule amount of time that is spent upon the new suggested guidelines. If people just casually brought it up, commented upon same sex relationships, etc then schools wouldn’t have to do it. Increasingly schools are having to take the parental role and it is increasingly *##:)) me off - have kids, bring them up to be decent, open minded people.
Open minded, as in anything goes? No thanks.
You should at least keep an open mind about whether or not to be open-minded.
Theland, you’re being a fossil. We’re not religious but it’s good that other people are (whatever religion they are), we are all currently straight but it’s fine if that doesn’t float your boat. We’re good with any combination of parents (but probably not cool with any combination over two people/genders, whatever). Leave people be, if they’re good to their kids, like cats and dogs - really, why should anyone give a ***.
The world is becoming weird. It's no longer possible to tell real news from fake news or genuine contributors to a debate from trolls or AI robots or agents from some malevolent power trying to influence our opinions.

And on that bombshell, I'll bid you all goodnight.
The word normal, is missing from this relationship nonsense.
Everything is not normal.
It's a toughie, isn't it?

Course materials: "Mama, Momya and me", "King and King".

Are these books in primary schools "promoting" homosexual relationships, or simply describing them and advocating tolerance?

Are the Muslim parents right or wrong when they argue that the point of the "No Outsiders" program is to teach Muslim children that homosexual relationships not only exist and should be tolerated, but that they are equally morally right (which none of the Parkview parents will believe)?

Take another instance: Christian baker refuses to make wedding cake with iced message "support gay marriage".

I'm familiar with the woke AB community and I'd like to ask its members why the second set is guilty of hate crimes and should be prosecuted - and why the first set isn't.
Theland....What are you saying? My son is gay are you saying he's not normal?
//liberal perverts like to include?
Paedophilia? Bestiality? //
You are one twisted individual
Does anybody (I think) get the real point of the OP?
Why shouldnt kids learn about NORMAL relationships.

I would encourage such lessons.

Two mums, two dads, Mum & a Dad.... who cares aslong as the kids are loved & cared for.
His programme aims to encourage children to celebrate sexual and gender differences from the time they first enter reception class, (aged four or five) sorr... but children that young do not need to learn
this yet..
There is an agenda here insofar as the people who are objecting are doing so on religious grounds, and on those grounds objections must be debatable. However, there is also an agenda on the part of the man who instigated this initiative in that his mission in life is to promote LGBT issues – something he is perfectly entitled to do. What he is not entitled to do is to impose his agenda on the innocent minds of primary school children – some as young as four. As a parent with no religious belief, I too would object to his intrusion.
I don't see it as religious bigotry. Seems to me there is an agreement that things are age sensitive, and one has a right to conclude they don't think it right to be discussing LGBT stuff at primary school age.
Why is it age sensitive that a man can love a man & a woman can love a woman.. same as a man can love a woman!?

Straightforward to me.
Straight is the last thing it is !
OG, //I don't see it as religious bigotry.//

I would hazard a guess that because these parents are objecting on religious grounds they would object regardless of the age of the children.
Maybe. Are they protesting outside secondary schools too ? But I reckon that's not really relevant as the protest is about what they think is right and wrong. Perhaps it is only on religious grounds that they allowed a voice ?
I'm with Naomi at 9:34.

Too young. Let them be kids.

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