With The Ongoing Debacle That Is Brexit….

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naomi24 | 11:15 Thu 14th Mar 2019 | News
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…has your attitude towards politics changed?

I’ve spoken to so many voters, both Labour and Conservative, who say that such is their disgust at the blatant disregard for the electorate and for the democratic process that they see no point in ever voting again.

What about you?


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I am entirely in a agreement.

The fundamental principle of democracy is that the will of the people is sought, and then acted upon, which has singularly failed to happen here.

It looks as though MP's are keener to enforce their own personal views of Brexit, rather than carrying out the will of the people.

They should all be ashamed of the chaos they have caused, and their willingness to add to it on a daily basis.
No, in fact it's confirmed my political attitude is acceptable and understandable.
I'll continue to vote though.. If you don't vote then you've no right at all to complain.
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Personally, I feel that, in good conscience, I can't vote again.
No-one can look on and be happy with the current state of politics. But never voting again is a self-defeating reaction to the mess.
If only politicians had the capacity to tell the plain, unvarnished truth then we'd be in, out or shaken all about by now.

They seem to see themselves as Machiavelian masterminds, incapable of doing the simplest thing without completely *** it up.

A shameless bunch of self interested liars and rogues.
Naomi - // Personally, I feel that, in good conscience, I can't vote again. //

I am surprised, because I have always viewed you as someone with a balanced approach to issues like this.

Opting out of voting means opting out of the responsibility for change, which is what we need if we are to learn anything from this sorry affair.
Naomi i told you long ago this brexit situation would be a *** fest. Wait untill the lorries are queuing then i really will say told ya so
I would vote but my dilemma would be who to vote for. None of the parties inspire confidence after the current Brexit debacle.
Liberal Democrats.
Voting, a waste of time. Conservative party, full of a bunch of self serving idiots. The Labour Party an embarrassing joke , useless as an opposition party.
Britain are a laughing stock in Europe. I’m happy I’m. Scottish.
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Andy-hughes, how is it possible to balance one liar against another? A liar is a liar.
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anneasquith, and I'm equally happy that I'm English .... but we're all British. You aren't exempt.
Spath, why would I want to vote for a party that has consistently ignored the electorate?
I’m not British Naomi, I’m Scottish .
"Spath, why would I want to vote for a party that has consistently ignored the electorate?"

Lib dems haven't really had a say or much pull in a while. I think it's time they show us what they got to bring to the table.It's obvious red and blue are a conflicted mess of finger pointing children.
"I’m not British Naomi, I’m Scottish ."

Eh? Right..
It's been astonishingly bad but the trouble is my constituency has been staunch Labour for years and would take many many thousands of people to think along similar lines.

Personally,I will still vote but it has left a very sour taste.

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anneasquith, oh right. Scottish and confused.
Yeah last time i checked Scotland was part of Britain

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With The Ongoing Debacle That Is Brexit….

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