With The Ongoing Debacle That Is Brexit….

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naomi24 | 11:15 Thu 14th Mar 2019 | News
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…has your attitude towards politics changed?

I’ve spoken to so many voters, both Labour and Conservative, who say that such is their disgust at the blatant disregard for the electorate and for the democratic process that they see no point in ever voting again.

What about you?


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We need to see a 'freshness' around ethics and policies.

The electorate is lacking in belief and confidence in our system now.

It is ok that we have a breakaway group but these are the same faces!

It's not like a new football manager of a team.

The book may have new pages but still has the old cover on.
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I'll do that Talbot.
MPs perfectly reflect the dissension among the public at large, which isn't always the case, so I think politics is getting more honest.
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jno, //I think politics is getting more honest. //

You're clearly seeing something I'm not.
I can only assume that the occupants of the Palace of Westminster live in a bubble and have no idea (or even care) what is going on with the rest of the country, or how they have been viewed over the last few years.
I voted leave and although I never expected leave to win (as I suspect many leave voters thought), I did expect the government to honour their end of the deal!!!. It was the reason I voted Conservative. I can see naomi24's point and sympathise fully, but, if people stop voting then we run the risk of having a government elected by a minority of voters and by default, that may well result in a Labour win (worst case scenario?). I have voted Labour in the past, but "lead" by Jeremy Corbyn it is now a very frightening political party.
I will continue to vote (although I may never have faith in a democratically elected government again) because, I would never "dishonour" the many women who fought (and in some cases died) for my right to have a say in how my country is governed. My last sentence has always been my motivation for voting, I mean no offence to anyone else who chooses not to.
it's no good blaming MPs when it's the whole country that can't make up its mind.
I had been a staunch Labour voter (Skinner) all my adult life until Blair's reign. I now live in a different constituency and this Labour MP's majority has slowly reduced over the past 3 elections (I didn't vote for him) and I don't think he will be elected next time around. I'm really fed up of the lot of them at the moment and I will really struggle on who to vote for at the next GE.
Decisions also need to be implemented in a way that is both achievable but also beneficial to the country. As someone who disagrees that Brexit can be either, I naturally have a great deal of sympathy for the MPs who are arguing this. But even setting that aside, there are still politicians across the House representing a great many views. There are passionate Brexit-supporting MPs who argue for "No Deal" Brexit*, such as Mark Bridgen, Sir Bill Cash, Mark Francois, Sir John Redwood, Jacob Rees-Mogg et al. Whether they are the most honest MPs in the House or not is a matter to debate, but the point is that no matter the side you are on, there are politicians representing you. Never voting again can only serve to increase the chances that their voice in Parliament is lost.

*They tend to give it different names, but it's the Brexit you're wanting all the same.
reinforced the importance of voting
if you dont use it you lose it

as for an MP doing what I dont want - - -
everyday occurrence
One neither loses nor dishonours anything by taking up one's right not to vote for an inadequate candidate, and thus encouraging them, and allowing them to pretend they have a mandate to mess things up. If one can't support any candidate then abstention is the only sensible option. Make it clear none of them has your support. Best of a bad bunch simply doesn't cut it.
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Jno, //it's no good blaming MPs//

The people, with the assurance that the result would be honoured, were given a referendum offering two choices. It was incumbent upon parliament to deliver upon the result. It hasn’t and it's made damned sure it hasn't. Yes, blaming MPs is absolutely right. No ifs or buts.
Until recently, Parliament has been cut out of the process almost entirely, while Theresa May et al got on with it. Not sure you should be looking at Parliament right now, since one of their most important roles has been to vote down -- twice! -- the Withdrawal Agreement that you find so abhorrent.
Listening, or more accurately reading the result of the referendum, and the interpretation of the deal, should endure it was rejected anyway. Parliament seems more concerned with bolstering the confidence of the EU to play hardball, claiming they are bluffing, not serious, when faced with walking away from a bad deal, and trying it's utmost to extend the period of uncertainty or stop us leaving altogether. It has been a shameful display by parliament. Goverment may be making errors but none so bad as that which parliament has achieved.
I strongly agree with people's right to abstain if there is nobody suitable to vote for. If the referendum results are not honoured for any reason, there really will be no point in anyone voting for anything again.
I'm sick to death of it. We are a laughing stock around the world, we have lost any credibility in our ability to self-govern, the EU will continue to treat us like poo whether we leave or stay. The Government have not been able to sort this in 3 years and I don't see how any extension will make that happen. Everyone involved has been like backstabbing children pursuing their own agenda and careers, ignoring what was democratically voted for. I voted leave but I wouldn't again because it's pointless.
And before the point scoring highbrows on here - not you Naomi :-) - have a go at me, this is my view, the view of many not particularly politically motivated members of the public so I'm not going to try and 'debate' it.
//…has your attitude towards politics changed? //

Not really. I've always assumed that politicians have a blatant disregard for the electorate - not because they're malicious or anything, just because it's how the system works.

They might all start out as idealists, but they end up as pragmatists, saying what needs to be said to get elected, but doing what they think needs to be done when they're in power, which is likely to be something completely different to what they promised.

Anyone who expects anything else is going to be disappointed.
The problems at the moment are an almost inevitable consequence of the badly thought through referendum. There’s no consensus on how to deliver the result.
What has distressed me about politics is the fact that the two main parties are seemingly in hock to extreme elements.
Actually though I’d rather have an assembly of concerned and independently minded - and disputatious - individuals, than a conclave of nodding dogs.
a spoiled ballot is better than no vote.
I often wonder what would have happened if Gina Miller had failed, and a final deal had been nodded through by the government.
Presumably we would have had some people wishing parliament had had the chance to do exactly what it is doing now!
// I often wonder what would have happened if Gina Miller had failed, and a final deal had been nodded through by the government. //

Me too. It was obviously a ploy to foil Brexit, and it may yet work, but if she hadn't won that battle, gawd knows what kind of tish 'deal' would have been foisted on the country without anyone being able to stop it.

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With The Ongoing Debacle That Is Brexit….

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