With The Ongoing Debacle That Is Brexit….

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naomi24 | 11:15 Thu 14th Mar 2019 | News
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…has your attitude towards politics changed?

I’ve spoken to so many voters, both Labour and Conservative, who say that such is their disgust at the blatant disregard for the electorate and for the democratic process that they see no point in ever voting again.

What about you?


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No Naomi, Scottish and proud :*) . Cheerio .
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Bye bye.
The vote was advisory the gov have no legal obligation to go with our vote but they do have a political obligation to uphold democracy. It was such a small % in favour also so i mean.. Was the vote democratically fair? With all the lies (from both sides) and the over spend on the campaigns I think a load of people were brainwashed, uneducated and had no clue of the consequences.
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spath, //The vote was advisory //

We've been here before. It wasn't. And this isn't about Brexit - it's about the future of politics in this country - so let's not go over the same old arguments repeatedly.
If it's not legally binding then it is advisory. All thanks to the sovereignty of Parliament.
So yes lets stop going in circles of me providing raw facts of how it's advisory, then other people just saying "no it's not hurr durr my vote matters"
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I tend to feel the same way, but I suspect when I see the mess those still voting make I may be tempted back just for damage limitation purposes.
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Spath, stick to the subject please.

ag, you will vote again but how will you choose?
"The European Union Referendum Act 2015 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that made legal provision for a pre-legislative advisory referendum to be held in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Gibraltar, on whether it should remain a member state of the European Union or leave it."
When you already think that the majority of politicians are liars, cheats and downright incompetent none of the present shennanigans suprises me one little bit.
I will vote again. But not for any Sitting MP that has gone out of their way to thwart Brexit and Not for any MP they parashute in that has gone out of their way to thwart Brexit. Or in fact for any party that did the same.

The trouble will be finding a candidate or party that didn’t. Especially in my area.

And pos
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spath, parliament voted to trigger A50. Stick to the subject please.
I’m not British Naomi, I’m Scottish .

Proudly shouting 'I'm Scottish but not very smart'


Naomi, unsatisfactorily,I may have to vote for a minor party,TIG etc in much the same way as many voted for UKIP as a protest vote or wake up call to my party of choice.

Not ideal,but it's not an ideal predicament.
Spath, your raw facts are all well and good, but you are continuing to ignore the multitude of replies; that it stopped being advisory when parliament agreed it would be acted upon. It's legal status ceased to be the relevant part then. It was an agreement across the House to be obligatory (until one side felt democracy was only ok when it agreed with them).
It is to do with the subject Naomi. People emotional over their vote not being taken seriously and implemented, I'm saying there is no legal obligation for parliament to do so, and from the start, in 2015, it was known as an advisory vote.

So maybe your issue should be with the Tory party for not upholding a democratic decision, which is how your political view could change?

Regardless if they triggered Article 50 OG.. where are we now? We can still remain and the EU knows that. And if we did so, it would be perfectly legal.

My political view is the same. CrapAtCryptics sums it up perfectly.
What bemuses me is that despite 'our' MP not listening to or respecting his constituents (from his London home) he will romp home again in the next general election.

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ag, my thoughts have been running along similar lines. I had thought a tactical vote possible (anything to keep Corbyn and his motley crew out), but I don't believe I could do that now.
Surely you will be voting for an MEP, naomi?
(Assuming he/she is standing to take on the EU from within)

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With The Ongoing Debacle That Is Brexit….

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