Trump’S Campaign Chairman Sentence Extended

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Gromit | 18:12 Wed 13th Mar 2019 | News
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// A federal judge ordered Paul Manafort, the former campaign chairman for President Trump, to serve 43 months for conspiracy on top of the 47-month sentence he received in Alexandria federal court last week for bank and tax fraud. //

Trump’s friends and family do seem to have a nasty habit of being crooks. Judge a man by the company he keeps.


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Well that applies to Manafort himself in turn: an “image consultant” to Putin’s puppet in Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich, I was horrified to find out he was involved in Trump’s campaign.
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So Putin’s buddy became Trump’s Campaign Chairman.
Well far be it from me to say Manafort was Putin’s buddy - I don’t know that — but he was uncomfortably close to Yanukovich: ok he argued that Yanukovich was just a client he didn’t know that well but when Ukrainian authorities investigated
Yanukovich’s deserted mansion after he had fled to Russia, they discovered ledgers for payments that seemed to suggest more than Manafort was willing to admit.
six years in the slammer
seems a bit harsh considering he co operated in the end

Does anyone remember nixons attorney general
arthur and Marfa mitchell ( the last one was his wife )
he did time in prison for perjury

personally framed appeals and had an incredible success rate for the cons he wrote for
25% acquitted and 50% reduced sentence
"Judge a man by the company he keeps. "

Just out of interest, can you guarantee 100% all your chums are whiter than white? Assuming you have some I suppose.

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Trump’S Campaign Chairman Sentence Extended

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