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Gromit | 14:29 Wed 13th Mar 2019 | News
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We seem to be the laughing stock of Europe...


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I'm sure he's right that you have classy eyes, though, Gromit
Has everybody forgotten that the EU is undemocratic?

Does,it not bother you?
// In France, Le Monde believes "the Brexit... is dead", while politically Theresa May is "hardly in better condition". //

Sounds to me like they are having a laugh at our expense. //

If that is an example of European "humour" count me out.

When TTT said "classy" it was obviously a typo...………………… he meant crassy.
> we are the laughing stock of Europe precisely because of the activities of those, like you, that have sided with our enemies

Congratulations Gromit, I never realised you wielded so much influence while the rest of us poor nobodies just sit around waiting for whatever s***storm our mighty leaders choose to bestow upon us.
It most certainly does bother me Theland and I fear HMG has contracted the disease from them.
Question Author
// the EU is undemocratic //

While it may not be perfect, it is not undemocratic.

Every 5 years, 45 million UK electorate vote for 73 MEP to sit in the European Parliament. Their job is to for for or against policies formulated by the EU Commissioners.

EU Commissioners are appointed by the leaders of each member state. David Cameron’s Party were elected with 11.3million votes, so He got to appoint Julian King as a Commissioner. He got the Security portfolio.

The European Council includes the leaders of each EU country. The EU Council nominates a candidate to be President, and the Parliament (including our 73 MEPs) formally vote for that nominee.

So EU citizens are consulted all the way, from the European Election, to who our Council member is and who can appoint out Commissioner.

Gromit, I remember seeing someone burst into laughter over something that actually was quite amusing. However, it was quite possible that the situation which had arisen might cause one of those present some embarrassment and thus the joke was to an extent at her expense. When the person laughing obviously realised that his face morphed into an expression of considerable unease. A lot of those who have been laughing at the UK for years (decades ?) before the Brexit referendum have stopped laughing - some things are too uncomfortable for that. As mesmerising and unbelievable as it perhaps is, watching self-destruction is not fun.
"While it may not be perfect, it is not undemocratic."

Whilst the mechanics of the exercise as you describe them may be perfectly correct, Gromit, it tells only a fraction of the story.

The main difficulty with the EU is that it is a political entity which legislates for 28 very disparate nations. It is impossible to homogenise such a variety of economies, cultures and legislatures without many people feeling ignored or being disadvantaged. But that is precisely what the EU aims to do. For as long as I can remember many people in Scotland have bemoaned the fact that they are ruled by a Parliament which does not have their interests at heart. To a certain degree I sympathise with them, though Scotland did enter freely into the Union and they are financially compensated quite well for their supposed subservience. They had their independence referendum five years ago and during the campaigns I cannot recall those seeking independence being branded as "extremists" or "Little Scotlanders". But that is what Leavers stand accused of. So why the difference? At least Scotland did not make huge financial contributions to their Lords and Masters (quite the reverse, in fact).

The EU is a flawed project. It seeks to homogenise oil and water. Its "one size must fit all" approach continually fails huge swathes of the European population. You only have to look at the euro to see that demonstrated at its worst. But worse than that it was sold on a false premise and has sliced away at national sovereignty and independence mercilessly, but salami style over the last 50 years. It may be mechanically democratic but it displays a huge democratic deficit when viewed through the eyes of those in individual (so-called independent) nations.
New Judge, I have seen/heard the assertion before, that Scotland is subsidised by England, but my understanding is that it is at very least disputed and probably unproven (reliably, Daily Mail et al do not count). I have seen it stated that it is an English myth which served a useful purpose, along with such as the assertion that an independent Scotland would end up outside the EU, in persuading Scottish voters to reject independence.
I hate to say it, but it's quite enjoyable seeing the brexit people push out beads of perspiration on their puzzled brows. I almost feel sorry for them.
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//New Judge, I have seen/heard the assertion before, that Scotland is subsidised by England, but my understanding is that it is at very least disputed and probably unproven (reliably, Daily Mail et al do not count).//

How does the BBC grab you then, Karl?:
// We seem to be the laughing stock of Europe... //

No change there then. They've been laughing at us all the time we've been in the EU, now they're laughing that we can't get out of it.

There was a brief window when the laughing stopped that lasted a couple of weeks after the referendum, but kicked in again when we put a remainer in charge of the exit negotiations.
gromit: "Why don’t you stick to the question instead of making stuff up about someone you don’t know and who you have never met" - I don't need to meet, your posts here tell me all I need to know, you positively revel in any mis fortune that befalls us, you regularly demonstrate your anti Britishness with na na nana na posts like this one.
" but we'll be free soon gromit" Oh dear . Head in the clouds again.
another village being deprived.
"but we'll be free soon gromit" Good heavens , did not know you could have a rented Brain , Brainwashed, ? while having head in the clouds. Oh Dear.
I have been educated, thank you NJ. That being the case, I feel it would be healthiest for all parties that the Barnett formula no longer applied together with Scotland getting full independence. Relations between Scotland and England would undoubtedly be better than they have been and Scotland would have the opportunity to do better than the UK has done (as so many northern European countries of similar size and much better run - copy/paste non-UK administrative/management/systems from the best performers) and England would experience enhanced freedom: Brexit and no Union, hooray.

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