Leavers, You've Lost Your Best Option.

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Marshwarble | 12:38 Wed 13th Mar 2019 | News
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I believe you've missed the chance to get Brexit by rejecting May's deal. The EU did try to help (okay it was the last minute) but the MPs didn't seem to want to negotiate. No Deal will be removed as an option in the next week or so.


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"I believe you've missed the chance to get Brexit by rejecting May's deal." - is this based on any actual knowledge or, as is more usual ant British, VB BS? I think you'll find No deal is now favourite.
// We can unilaterally decide to remain i.e. revoke Brexit. Not that that's likely.//

It isn't as simple as that, the 'government' (a joke) can't simply say, "Guess what? we've changed our mind"
How many times does the same thing need pointing out to someone posing the question or making the claim ? It's getting a bit tiresome.

The deal was not Brexit but anti-Brexit, as anyone listening to the news media should gather. It ran the risk of being in the EU forevermore, it had issues on building trade relationships outside on our own terms, and we'd just be off the membership list, with no say at all.

The EU hasn't helped or even tried to help anyone since the start of negotiations save helping themselves refuse any suggestions, or at least any that were sane. I grant you they must have wet themselves laughing when May suggested putting the whole of the UK into the CU instead of just part of it.

No deal is a strong candidate for the end result since no one can agree an alternative. Possibly because there is no better alternative now it's clear a deal isn't possible. In any case nothing can be worse than being an EU member without officially being a member. May's deal wasn't a chance at anything except being up the creek without a paddle.
//The huge opportunities of a clean break and a No Deal Brexit have been revealed today, with the government confirming plans to slash trade tariffs. That means cheaper goods for British consumers.
An EU exit on WTO terms would mean the British government could act unilaterally, truly taking back control. Sadly a Remainer Parliament looks set to vote down No Deal tonight, killing the UK’s negotiating hand.
Under the government’s plans, 87% of all goods would face no tariffs at all and would fall to zero. The 13% maintaining tariffs would include cars, beef and dairy in order to “support farmers and producers who have historically been protected through high EU tariffs”.
Trade Minister George Hollingbery has said: “If we leave without a deal, we will set the majority of our import tariffs to zero, while maintaining tariffs for the most sensitive industries.
“This balanced approach will help to support British jobs and avoid potential price spikes that would hit the poorest households the hardest.”
And the Department for International Trade have said: “The tariff changes mean the majority of UK households, consumers and businesses will face no additional charges on products imported from the EU.
“The new tariffs will come into force as soon as we leave the EU – only if we leave with No Deal. They will apply for up to 12 months while we consult consumers & businesses on future tariffs.”
Sounds very much like taking back control to us. It is shameful that Remainer MPs will now seek to block such an outcome.//

Stop copypasting stuff that's completely unsourced, Togo. Never mind that it's blatantly propagandist, it's also rather against the spirit of AB.
Unsourced? How about Trade Minister George Hollingbery?

You mean it is completely against(at odds) with your own narrow narrative? Haha You read that first here folks.
//I believe you've missed the chance to get Brexit by rejecting May's deal. //

You're confused. That isn't Brexit or anything like Brexit.
Unsourced = provide the link to where it comes from. And then explain what *you* think, rather than parroting some other source. It's quite a simple request.
//Unsourced = provide the link to where it comes from.//

Means.....So that we can pooh pooh or denigrate. As is our wont.

What I think is not a secret jim. Keep up. Plus I like to think that there are a few on here furiously logging into non main stream media sites to find the source and thereby clocking themselves up on the interwebby whatsit, that they came to lurve when it was their very own domain, as potential far right Nazis. Haha You are not alone. You just keep your head down and let us experienced players get a word in now and again...…….and listen.

Togo’s copy and pasted from a site called Westmonster.

No idea what that is, but it has leave adverts plastered over its site.
Haha^^ No adverts on my link.....Not one. Kept grimlot occupied for a couple of hours though. :))
Togo seems to be a bot who's algorithm is designed to repeat anti-liberal anything. He has no mind of his own, he just parrots right wing fakery.
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I think you're just disagreeing with me because I'm a remainer, spouting facts about your best option. Bound to be wrong! It's not your hated Norway Plus and it won't cause food shortages like No Deal. The other option is Canada Plus Plus, but that no doubt has its flaws.
Still what I care if you lose Brexit?
I don't understand how you can blame leave voters for rejecting T.May's deal. Parliament did that, not the voters.

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Leavers, You've Lost Your Best Option.

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