Why Are The Remoaners So Scared?

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ToraToraTora | 13:02 Wed 13th Mar 2019 | News
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surely not having the country run by un elected EUSSR bureaucrats is good isn't it?


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Don't the member state governments agree together on who to designate as the new Commission President?
It would be good if that were the case now. As it isn't, though...
Well you can't tell me someone stood up and just said "Right, i'm the leader now"

How is the commission president elected?
//surely not having the country run by un elected EUSSR bureaucrats is good isn't it?//
You mean like it is currently?
Each new President is nominated by the European Council and formally elected by the European Parliament, for a five-year term.
Does the UK have a say in this European Council or European Parliment?
I would think the MEPs do.
Well Theresa May is part of the European Council.. The party i assume TTT elected into power?

So.. the person we elected to lead our government, has a say in an even bigger government? Just like out MPs have a say in Parliament?

So i mean.. we do have a say in who is elected, just as much as anyone else, surely?

If i'm wrong please highlight how because i don't understand how we're so hard done by from the EUSSR.
//i don't understand how we're so hard done by from the EUSSR.//

You will not understand on what the EU spend our contributions of millions per annum and neither will they tell you.They have not allowed their account books to be audited for years. Why? Any clues why it is called the Gravy Train for MEPs? It is most probably corrupt.
Not having the country run by un elected EUSSR bureaucrats - good.

Having it run by this self serving Gov't we have now - bad.

Having it run by Corbyn - Bring back the EU Mandarins.

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right........
My point, is they're not unelected, they are in fact, elected. And, a person who we voted for, has a say on who is elected. Seems fair to me. Regarding money.. I pay my taxes, some of it goes where i don't know or want it to go. That's just how it is.
//Regarding money.. I pay my taxes, some of it goes where i don't know or want it to go. That's just how it is.//

The UK Government use the NAO to audit expenditure and advise on expenditure.HMG is accountable for expenditure. There is no such similar Audit Office in the EU Parliament checking the contributions we chuck at them and the EU do not want us to know !
We're as much a part of the EU as anyone.. So does it really matter? Or do you think other countries are getting special privileges and the UK is being kept in the dark and hard done by?
That’s more like it Tora - you’re restoring my faith in the Brotherhood.
We pay more than most into the EU budget and get precious little in return. We subsidise poor counties in Eastern bloc who contribute nothing.
Maltese roads were traditionally a national joke. The Maltese een wrote a Calypso song about them.
Since they joined the EU their roads have sprung up all over the Island and are in better condition than our own. They contribute nothing like we do.
And we're the only country to compensate for the poorer ones?
Isn't that the whole ethos of the EU tho, retro? To improve the infrastructure of less wealthy nations which then (hopefully) improves their industries / GDP and they then become country's wanting other member's goods and services, which improves their turnover GDP.
I found this earlier TTT. Just about nails it don't you think.

""Britain's social cohesion is under threat from a domestic terror group. It draws its members from the middle and upper classes. They’ve devised a deadly new divide-and-rule weapon: type 2 racism.
Social scientists who have examined the toxin say it’s the most sophisticated but brutal form of bien pensantery yet.

The terror group, identified as the Irate Remainiac Army, uses a deadly array of mind games, most notably psychological projection, to inflict pain on innocent strangers.
Many are busy now planting confidence bombs aimed at ruining Britain’s ability to trade. The Irate Remainiac Army has claimed responsibility for a campaign of confidence bombing behind plans to shift Nissan car production out of Sunderland.
Until now the group has concentrated most of its fire on civilian targets, fomenting hatred against old people and scapegoating voters. But now it says it is ready to step up its tactics to cripple the economy as part of its continuing war against democracy.
Much of the funding for the violence comes from overseas.
One of the main social control tactics is to accuse strangers of exactly the same failings they secretly hate about themselves.
Under the veneer of sophistication, the Remainiacs’ core beliefs are a surprising mix of medieval and primal.
They huddle for warmth around a mysterious mantra that few of them can explain. Though professing to be passionate about Europe, few could even say ‘thank you’ in any European language.
None could find Malmo on a map, but they can all give a minute-by-minute lowdown on the latest unsubstantiated Big Lie circulating in politics.
They pretend to hate Nazis, but they frequently adopt the Big Lie tactics pioneered by the Gestapo.
Their apparent Stockholm Syndrome love for Goebbels has led some of their factions, such as the Momentum wing of the Labour Party, to be branded as the Alt.Reich.
Many couldn’t tell an EU directive from a didgeridoo, but they nonetheless insist on the infallibility of the complexity cult headed by its guru, Jean-Claude Druncker.
Druncker sees the world through the prism of a cognac glass. He regards people from ‘overseas’, such as the British, with prejudice and contempt.
His attitude to the British always seems to be more pronounced after a long working lunch, during which time his tumbler perspective is constantly refreshed by aides.
Remainiac devotees are addicted to emotional intoxicants, however, and need to get high on Dudgeon and Self Aggrandisement, which though legal have catastrophic effects on those around them.//

Nick Booth.
No we are not but we should be given a breakdown of where the money goes.
If you subscribed £3 a month for a Gardening Magazine and received a two page flier once per annum would you feel you got a bargainor would you suspect chicanery?
Retro, i don't think that's a fair comparison. We're not paying the EU for a service or product. It's about being part of a union.

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Why Are The Remoaners So Scared?

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