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jamesnan | 22:47 Tue 12th Mar 2019 | News
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We were wondering why so many people stand at the end in the Houses of Parliament, - is it because there are too many people for the number of seats or is it another reason. Loads of them standing there this evening during the voting session.


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Probably not enough seating.
It's the excitement. They can't sit still.
yes to many MPs not enough seats.
* Too!
The lack of actual seats is the reason. MP's can vote from the Lobby and even the Bar (as in drinking place!) There are voteing points in all the Parliment bars ! (been there and seen them) So no need for an MP to even put their drink down to vote !! MPs can even register their vote on a particular motion in advance ,so they don't even need to be in Parliment (or even in the Country) during votes !
eddie, cobras, they have to go to the voting lobbies either side of the chamber. Hence the aye's to the right etc.
they once had to get Heseltine from hospital on a gurney and wheel him into the lobby. Why would they do that if they can register their vote in advance? The only way they can not go into the lobby is to pair with an opposition MP so neither vote.
Two months ago a heavily pregnant Tulip Siddiq was forced to attend parliament in a wheelchair to vote (against Mrs May's Brexit deal) because proxy voting did not then exist and trust in the pairing system had been broken during a previous vote (the cause of Jo Swinson pushing for said proxy voting ).

Within days of this, a year-long pilot for proxy voting was announced, available in cases of childbirth or care of an infant or newly-adopted child. Tulip Siddiq became the first MP to vote by proxy on 29th January 2019.

Naz Shah was wheeled to the voting lobbies in 2018. Likewise Nick Boles had to leave hospital to attend in 2017.
It was either the queens divorce bill ( er dont worry 1820) or the Freat Reform bill 1831,2

some MP was carried in on a paliasse and managed to signify his vote before he DIIIIIIIEEEEED !

I think pairing was brought in after that

I think they are milling around coz of the lock the doors! and unlock the doors ! that the Speaker shouts around the votes.

yeah and Lenin not an MP remember ( I know I am dealing with the average Aber) was asked why he had not run the election ( er of him ) amongst the humungous Imperial Russian Armed forces numbering millions of men and said - they have voted with their feet
I believe , that rumour was, there was a division bell in the Red Lion Public House off Whitehall in order to recall MPs to vote. Why they drink in the Red Lion when the drinks in the Commons bar are subsidised by you and me and cost B.A. is a wonder to me.
Why they drink in the Red Lion when the drinks in the Commons bar are subsidised by you and me and cost B.A. is a wonder to me.

Probably put it on their expenses.
why go across the green
it was one of the modern irish mps - Hume I think who stumbled across the threshold ( of the boozer ) and shouted - the pubs are open all day !
1970 or thereabout
When you get a calling to the house

* The division bell tradition dates back 150 years.

* Originally, House of Commons flunkeys in morning coats were despatched to page MPs.

* Today, there are 200 bells linked directly to the House of Commons via telephone lines.

* All the ministries, as well as many Westminster clubs, pubs and private residences, are equipped with division bells.

* MPs with division bells in their own homes have included Michael Portillo, Douglas Home and Michael Heseltine.

* Tourists often mistake the ringing of the division bell in the Red Lion pub in Parliament Street for the fire alarm, and evacuate it.
cheers tony - we know the H of C habits better than Some!
//why go across the green
it was one of the modern irish mps -//

There will be whigs on the green. Irish MP's punch up after a heated debate.Retire outside the Parliament building to the green. Remove very expensive whigs and place them out of harms way before knocking the bejesus out of each other. :-)
B&H ciggies in an altered packet with green backing and gold portcullis design ( Symbol of H o C ) about 4 bob a packet and proprietary brand whiskey likewise disguised with a similar label was about £8 a bottle in the M.P.'s shop.
They are a disgrace, normally there are about a dozen in the house and half of them snoring their heads off.

Times things were modernised, a lot less MPs and the scrapping of the House of Lords.
The seating problem would be solved if they sat on the lap of another MP

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