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yes ag will never waste my vote but will decide at time, is raving loony party still in exsistance? (sp)
Question Author
yes they are now called labour Tony!
It's certainly looking grim for her prospects.

Mind you,what exactly would she be leaving?

A salary that she will never see the likes of again.
Talbot plus her pension index linked

TTT yes different party same name lol
Oh dear.

Off you go luv.
Is there a case for tightening up the wording? It strikes me none of this would be news if she hadn't failed dismally to pervert the course of justice.

Anybody able to tell me, though, why Festus got a much longer sentence than she did despite a) it seems likely he wasn't driving; and b) he pleaded guilty, thus saving the expense of a trial?

I'm guessing he had some previous convictions, maybe, but 10 months compared to three still sounds harsh.
Question Author
JF, what wording? Yes if she'd have got away with it we'd be none the wiser.

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Not A Dry Eye In The House..part Deux!

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