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I doubt it was money, more like rage.
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Well yeah the money caused rage.. People get very odd about money even the smallest amounts can irk them
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"Craig and Ryan held Ramis down while Jason choked and punched him, and Mr Gibson told the court "There was blood spattered all over the place and items of furniture were being pushed around." When Ramis lost consciousness the men dragged him outside into the front yard, where the assault continued. He was "struggling to talk and was trying to scream,” and a neighbour reportedly heard what "sounded like a man [who] was in intense pain." Craig eventually called the police, who arrived at about 8:30pm, but Ramis died a short time later."

Tapped in the actual head for 3 men to batter one man over less than £200. They all deserve locking up at the very least.
Seven billion people, bound to be some nutters. Poor bloke.

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Air Bnb Guest Killed Over $210

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