Is Tom Watson About To Feel The Wrath Of Jezza's Thugs?

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ToraToraTora | 17:42 Thu 28th Feb 2019 | News
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Worst day in their 120 year history? Not me, this is the deputy leader of the party....
Labour's deputy leader said Ms Berger had been "bullied out of her own party by racist thugs".
Why does anyone support the ghastly party?


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Chris Williamson is an interesting character: he used to be a moderate but he lost his seat in 2015 and seemed to fall in with a bad crowd. By the time he returned to parliament in 2017 he seemed to have become at the very least a rabid anti-Zionist
It's not the party that's ghastly it's all these people such as Seamus Milne and Momentum who are using it for their own ends that are ghastly.Although he is party leader Jeremy Corbyn was only ever a serial protester from the back benches and is now the leader but is not leading, all those working behind the scenes are doing that,
He’s a good man Tom Watson: plainly cannot stand Corbyn and wishes he’d go far away. He reminds me of a doorman at some sort of mad fetishist party. Keeping a pretty desperate eye on the shenanigans within while wishing the Mothers Union or the WI would rehire the premises.
The whole dynamic is very odd. Listening to Watson on the BBC last week it appeared the he and JC communicate by fax at best, if not snail mail.
It’s obvious that neither can tolerate each other yet put on this pathetic front, akin to a couple who fawn over each other in company but sleep in separate bedrooms.
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i agree ich, I am forming some level of respect for Watson, he seems a decent bloke stuck in a gang of thugs and bigots. I think he'd make a better leader than Cob any day.
*that he, not the he
I've been expecting him to fall foul of the mob for a while now.

Watson is an heavy weight despite being on the Guantánamo Diet. He can fend for himself.

He seems to be acting as the Official Opposition to the Official Opposition. Not sure what his future prospects hold for him, he seems rather isolated.
''bullied out of her own party by racist thugs''
Does anyone know what they actually did or said?
Does anyone know what they actually did or said?
I’m sure Watson does, having been made aware of at least 50 cases last week alone

Not sure Jezza is interested though.....
Tom Watson was usually very good on the Major stage.Trouble is we are not talking about golf here ;-)
/// the ghastly party///
/// a gang of thugs and bigots ///

You just can't resist it can you. Sadly, it demeans you.
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not me canary, those terms are being used by Labour party members.
I'm surprised Watson hasn't already been purged to be honest. They seem to be keeping him in position as a sort of token sane

Having said that, as much as I dislike the current Labour party, I can't see what's so bad about what Williamson said, and I think all these accusations of racism in whatever format, be it anti-Semite, Islamophobe, xenophobe or whatever from whichever side, are just becoming ridiculous.
They can hardly get rid of Tom Watson: he’s the deputy leader elected what’s more by the members and the members rule ;-)
I think that while accusations of racism and antisemitism are valid, a bigger picture is being missed: the Stalinist ms behind the scene: unelected former communist advisers. As long as these people are effectively pulling Corbyn’s strings there’s no chance of anything good happening.

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Is Tom Watson About To Feel The Wrath Of Jezza's Thugs?

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