Should This Bigot Be Suspended?

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ToraToraTora | 13:26 Wed 27th Feb 2019 | News
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It seems several High profile party members including the deputy leader think so. Agent Cob? not so much!


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Up to the Labour Party I guess.

But, if they wish to be taken seriously on this issue then they would be wise to suspend him.
I've really not followed this issue; but again, have to assume there must be more than is reported on or shown for there to be such an outcry.
I think things are getting a bit silly. It's becoming impossible to say just about anything these days without having to apologise for it later.

(If the above statement offends anyone I'll apologise for it later)
//Agent Cob? not so much!//
The way the rats are leaving the sinking ship over anti semetism issues Corbyn is trying to hang on to every party member he's got left but yes,I think he should be suspended.
It's doubtful many apologies issued these days have much substance.
There's plenty more like him, but most are probably keeping a lower profile until after they get into power.

God help us if they ever do.
Yes,it's just staggering with all the nagging furore/defections.

Talk about an own goal and damaging any prospects of convincing folk that the Labour Party are getting tough over anti-Semitism.

Some politicians just defy belief with their lack of gumption.
Not really ag, most are not the highest on the IQ scale - otherwise they would be in business.
I was gonna say - AOG you are as incomprehensible as 3T and then I put on my glasses and found .... it was 3T

erm - - - OK yeah.
businessmen wivva high IQ
sort of out of work theoretical physicists ?
hi Jiim !

really I dont fink so .... Mike Ashley isnt the brightest but my god he has a big wad ( of notes - £50k isnt it?)

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Should This Bigot Be Suspended?

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