Can Discrimination Ever Be "positive"?

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ToraToraTora | 20:49 Mon 25th Feb 2019 | News
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Being an able bodied white heterosexual male is now a major disadvantage to getting employment.


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Other than that instance, how many able-bodied white heterosexual males have suffered discrimination from other employers?
It's the PC (no pun) brigade gone mad, especially in the public sector, where employers try to keep the workforce in the same % as the local community, in terms of ethnicity, gender, colour, the list goes on. Not necessarily employing the best person for the job.
really tho tony? - the nhs is 80% women. i would hazard a guess local authorities/social services have a high proportion of wmen, also teachers. conversely, the police fore is about 80% male There is a rough;y 50/50 split gender-wise in this country, so i dont see how what yyou say can be true
Ok Bednobs I do not have any evidence to substantiate what is my perception, so perhaps it's a myth, I will do some more research.
I never used to agree with "positive discrimination"... however, purely from seeing general attitudes on AB, I no longer think it will soon balance itself out. If heterosexual, able bodied white males are in most of the positions of power, it will take something definite to alter the thinking. We still seem to see black people getting acting parts, women winning awards etc as "politically correct" which shows how far we still have to go.
The reason we are in this position, of course, is purely through historical "positive discrimination" for white males... so I don't think they can complain too much.
what pixie said
Question Author
so discrimination is ok then pixie, right oh!
Yes, sometimes it is needed, just to rebalance things.
Question Author
great two wrongs make a right in pixie land!
When the wrongs have been righted... We can leave it there.
^ What "Wrongs" exactly?
95% of the peop;e where i work are white men so i cant see where you are coming from
Blimey, white hetrosexual males are in the minority where I work.
The trouble with trying to right a wrong with a wrong (positive discrimination) is it engenders more discrimination. When and who gets to decide when the wrong has been righted? Who gets to decide what all these wrongs are? Or how much reparation needs to happen? How long does the crap have to hit the fan before someone realises the best person for the job is better than a statistic.

Put the best person for a job in the position. Not a statistic.

Dumb everything down rather than push people to move up. Push interssectionality to further divide people rather than just being people.

Speaking from experience, as a manager and employer, the problem with your arguments cassa, is that the people doing the employing make some assumptions about who the best person is....even sometimes those assumptions are subconscious and the person making them would repudiate the allegation.
white men as victims?

Oh come on - a hundred years ago - they used to be cooked and get eaten
We're not talking about 100 years ago!!
BBC - nuff said.
Of course, the Illuminati are behind all this. Or Knights Templars. Or the Masons. Anyway, someone who we should all be very wary of!
Statto has spoken! Further debate is pointless...

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Can Discrimination Ever Be "positive"?

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