Gordon Banks R.i.p.

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jobjockey | 19:26 Sun 17th Feb 2019 | News
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What a brilliant man and goal keeper
What a save in 1970 against Brazil,
how does this compare with Jim Montomery's
save against Leeds in the 1973 final v Leeds?.


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Very sorry Jobjockey, but I don't think we will ever see the likes of that Banksy save ever again, imho the better of the two saves.
Some great saves Here, not all goalkeepers mind:

Banksy's was best.
Meant nothing to the rest of the World jj. Banksies tip over resonated everywhere, for ever.
But how does it compare with Montgomery's save, Baldric?...That was JobJockey's question...and for me it's Banks...... :-)
Quite simply,both saves were excellent and saved conceding a goal.
I have a slight aversion to Leeds United and can't bring oneself to even type it into youtube.

No idea gness, I can't stand football, jobjockey made it an RIP thread I just linked it to the others, ok dear?
Bansky beat Pele. That was so important.
//I have a slight aversion to Leeds United//

You will go to 'Ell and back! :-)
Lol very good :-))
Well not really, Baldric....interesting question.....would be good if you answered or just left it alone if you're not interested....and I'm not your dear.
Not too cryptic then Arksided!
Question Author
Yes Togo very well answered
Nope even I got it... especially good being as I'm a red devil fan.

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Gordon Banks R.i.p.

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