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-Talbot- | 17:37 Tue 12th Feb 2019 | News
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The investigation into the German's promotion from Jean-Claude Juncker's chief of staff to Commission secretary-general "did not follow EU law, in letter or spirit, and did not follow the Commission's own rules," the office of the ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, said in a statement.


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Are you? Really?
Doesn’t sound like the Ombudsman has any teeth.
What happened to The European Parliament adopting a resolution, with a majority of 71%, for the resignation of Martin Selmayr?
Thank heavens we are getting out
yeah I think of this whenever I hear of Juncker acting for the best of the EU
I think and "for the best for your relations and frenz ....."
Question Author
What happened to The European Parliament adopting a resolution, with a majority of 71%, for the resignation of Martin Selmayr?

I would have thought Selmayr did the right thing and resigned?
I would be shocked yet again if he didn't...honest.
Shocked? So am I. fancy them letting the report into their devious and dictatorial behaviour become common knowledge.
Question Author
The European Commission takes note of the Decision by the European Ombudsman of 11 February 2019 on the European Commission's appointment of a new Secretary-General.

Takes note and does nowt.

Never mind shocked, I'm not even slightly surprised.
If we remain, they could once again break their own rules and increase our taxes, VAT etc, and our contributions, and there would be nothing we could do to stop it, except cause the unelected bureaucrats, to, "Take Note," of our concern.
Why would anybody trust tyrants?

/// If we remain ///

I predict a riot!
More likely to be a disgruntled harrumph when it happens.
Has anyone been watching the programmes about the EU at 9pm on Mondays...I find them fascinating and I'm not even interested in politics.
Craft1948, there's a thread about that programme - it's called Inside Europe . (I don't do links, sorry!)
Thanks Naomi...
The parliament has almost no power and can easily be ignored by the all powerful commission. Now what Reich are we up to? .... millions still want to be vassalated by these dictators!
Not shocked at all. In fact not even slightly surprised.

They knew when they shoehorned him in after only minutes as deputy exactly what they were doing and the net result of any ‘outrage’ or investigation that may or may not ensue. They knew nothing of any value would happen.

However hopefully it will be a wake up call to those so enthralled by the EU machine.
"Doesn’t sound like the Ombudsman has any teeth."

The Ombudsman has no binding powers to compel compliance with their rulings, primarily relying on the power of persuasion and publicity. In 2017, the overall rate of compliance by the European Commission with their suggestions was 77%.
The EU dont care, why should they since they have got full control over all the member States.

This is absolutely no surprise to me, all dictatorships are run like this.

Wonder if we will see any defence for this for the resident EU lovers on AB. And by defence I dont mean trying to deflect to something else.

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