Is The May's Deal Worse Than The Status Quo?

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Khandro | 23:03 Sat 09th Feb 2019 | News
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I watch Jeff Taylor most evenings, he is a trained lawyer and UKIP supporter, occasionally he says things like "in my opinion", but mostly he deals in straight-forward facts.


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From what he say's then yes it is a ( very ) bad deal. Should leave with No Deal imo.
The sad thing is parliment will not allow a no deal exit no matter what we want, think or is right.

Even if they were shown in plain black and white that it was good or simply better than the deal on offer they will not allow no deal.

They have made there minds up and that is that.

So you say, but they need to do something to have something else, and they can't agree. It would be a huge betrayal of us all to accept a bad deal instead of having the courage to go it alone without a deal.
Absolutely OG but think Mrs May will resign before next election, so she can wash her hands of the outcome along with Cameron and some extent Blair.
Here is my prediction. It will probably turn out to be wrong but this is how I see it right now.

I think the UK is heading for a “No Deal” Brexit. At this point, I think it's almost inevitable. Whatever “deal” the EU offers us in the next few weeks is unlikely to get a majority vote in the Commons and with around 50 days to the deadline, the window of opportunity to secure a good deal for the UK is rapidly closing. The intransigence of EU politicians is so ingrained into the very fabric of that organisation that they're unlikely to come up with a reasonable deal until the eleventh hour. They are so used to being able to coerce member states into behaving exactly as they want them to behave that they simply cannot truly get to grips with the reality of this monumental rejection of their policies. I think I'm right in saying that there have now been 19 democratic votes in various member states that have objected to numerous treaties over the last few decades. All 19 democratic votes have been successfully overturned by forcing those individual member states to vote again and each time the EU has ultimately got the result it wanted by a combination of political intimidation and mainstream media [MSM] sponsored propaganda. These people are not familiar with the concept of losing; it is antithetical to their thinking process. They get their way by hook or by crook.

Until now... maybe.

I think that the EU will continue to fund “Remain” and “Vote Again” organisations both directly and through various shell companies and NGOs. They'll make a lot of noise and get a lot of traction in the MSM. The EU will remain largely intransigent until the eleventh hour when they will reluctantly come to the conclusion that “their” 39 billion Euros is disappearing over the horizon. Panic will set in and the concessions will be multitudinous.

But by then I think it will be too late. The hastily revised “deal” will be put to the Commons. It will lose – but not by much. A few days later, the 29th March will be upon us and we leave the EU with “No Deal”.

Then we're in uncharted waters.
“Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.” - Niels Bohr

Good evening, Birdie.

I hope you're right.

More likely scenario is that the Rump parliament will agree on an "extension" to Article 50. Which is what I think the oligarchs are banking on. Already had useful "judicial" rulings by the ECJ allowingwithdrawal of an A50 application, haven't we?
Birdie Bit befuddled but you don't know what is going on behind closed doors, but think there will be an 11th hour solution?
Agree extension is most likely outcome.
If they reject a revised deal the Commons will have effectively voted for no deal.
Evenin' VE.

There's been much talk in the MSM about extending the deadline for Article 50. The problem is that our politicians have voted into law that we leave the EU on the 29th March 2019. If they want to change that date they have to either vote to amend that law or vote to repeal it. I don't think either vote would get a majority. If no agreement is reached, we leave on the 29th with or without a deal.

Personally, I think “No Deal” is our best option at this point.
Hello Jack & Tony. Hope you are both well.
TonyV - “... [do you] think there will be an 11th hour solution?”


But I think there will be an eleventh hour proposed “deal” from the EU which will be infinitely better that the previous “deals” we've had. But, as I said previously, I think it will be too little, too late.

Of course, my tea leaves are just as accurate as everyone else’s...
I'm good Birdie thanks, but I guess it's up to our elected politicians to decide what's best for "us" regardless of all the different companies donating lol

Our elected politicians always know what's best for us. That's why they're elected. They won the local popularity contest and they are now the bastions of moral decency, honesty and perspicuousness.

They are not like us minions: brash, dishonest and oblique.

QED. :-)
Of course not Birdie, was it extracted from their DNA when they walked into Houses Of Parliament?
‘no matter what we want, think or is right’ I’m not included in that ‘we’.

‘It would be a huge betrayal of us all’ ‘us all’.

Some good comments from birdie. Some sort of deal will be reached at the 11th hour.
Yes. If the deal had been acceptable it would have been accepted. It wasn't.
Hence them happily waving us goodbye.
Zacs ..... our parliament voted 'No' to the deal .... not the other side.

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