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Wrong link, I think?
That’s a bathroom caddy Margo :-)
Well, that's an interesting link but I can't see anything about the Duke.
Question Author
Question Author
Trust me!
Nice link Margo.Have you been celebrating Cmru’s win already? :-)
I heard henisntaking a refresher on rotary wing aircraft. :-)
Margo at least he will never be short of a driver + plenty of private land if he really needs to get behind the wheel.
i don't imagine that he'll be applying for a bus pass ...
Ch4 said he has "voluntarily" given up his licence. Voluntarily? Hmmmm. I bet it's taken everyone at BPal this long to persuade him. Good he has though, for himself and everyone else.
I reckon his missus had a word with him.
// That’s a bathroom caddy Margo :-)//

Duke of Edinburgh ripostes: "tea caddy ? I thought it was a bluddy car! why dont the proles pedal cycles? then I could see the whites of their eyes before I run them over!"

sorry your majesty !

The duke hasnt given up driving today as given up his licence - he gave up driving months ago! ter daah !

sozza your maj again !
Oh well pressure I expect. Can he still drive on private land without a licence, I think so? Undoubtedly for the best but I'm always sorry for the elderly when they have to give up driving, it's a huge loss of independence. I'd be devastated, I know others may not care so much.
About time.
The Dukes a hazard!
Lol Nailit, think police had a word in his shell like, apart from rest of family.
//it's a huge loss of independence. I'd be devastated, I know others may not care so much//

I am a fervent Royalist but Prince Philip has some flunky run his bath,
lay out his jim jams and his clothes/uniform for the day in the morning.
If unwell rushed around to Edward VII's hospital and check up.
I don't think he has been independent in his life. :-)
yeah I have it on good authority that the Dook said he would just have one last go with the coach and four (he drove them competitively at one time)

and when a few hours later he roared "giddy up jingle!" and wondered what had happened to his whip

a flunkie said - your majesty you are sitting in the back of the Landrover...

ter daaah!
Yes Prudie, anyone can drive on private land, underage, overage, no license, or banned ( providing police aren't following you)
he'll no doubt still be driving his carriage. Twenty-three miles we've covered today, whip-crack-away!
That's the deadwood stage.

I know how devastated Kate was when she had to surrender her Licence a year or so back. Complete loss of independence, has to rely on myself, Tash or Nat to drive her, when she was used to just jumping in the car and away to Norwich or York for the weekend to see family, says it's the one thing she really misses.

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Duke Of Edinburgh Gives Up Driving

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