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I agree with you Prudie. Irrespective of who it is, when the elderly have to give up their licence it is a major loss of independence.
Private Eye had a Guardian clipping -'The Duke of Edinburgh and the owner of the Kia were breathalysed. Both results were negative. This is believed to be a first for the Royal Family.'

Yes because there's something different about driving, irrelevant of how many servants you have. One would assume that's why all the Royals seem to like to drive themselves at times.
// when the elderly have to give up their licence it is a major loss of independence.//

I have had someone drive me for fifteen years - they get the car and the use of it so a good time is had by all....

My mothers driving look like something out of Monte Carlo races towards the end and so I threw in the sponge much earlier....

oh and an OAP drove into me a few years ago ( me road him car) and I toothlessly screamed 'cant you see I cant see?' - and he said - - 'yes'
Is Sandringham private land?

Sandringham House is a country house in the parish of Sandringham, Norfolk, England. It is the private home of Queen Elizabeth II, whose father, George VI, and grandfather, George V, both died there. The house stands in a 20,000-acre estate in the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Wikipedia
It is until the republic is declared, Hopkirk.
If the public have access to it, you would need to to be insured to drive there. Any insurer would expect you to hold a licence.
I'm sure the duke has staff to drive him around, so he won't be palacebound.
Anyone else would have been up in court for dangerous driving. Law unto themselves - high time the monarchy was abolished.
Right behind you on that Maggie.
I suspect he was told he would be charged, unless he voluntarily gave his licence up.
I don't for one second think he has given it up 'voluntarily', but it's a step in the right direction anyway ..
About time, he should have given it up ages ago.
He might be giving up the car driving

Is he giving up the chariot racing ,
though ?
Tilly2 QUOTE
That's the deadwood stage.UNQUOTE

It's a-rollin' on over the plains,
With the curtains flappin' an' the driver a-slappin' the reins.
A beautiful sky...............a wonderful day...............
Whip-crack-away, whip-crack-away, whip-crack-away!

:-D :-D :-D
People fly all over the world whilst pregnant and so do some female pilots. It's not a problem at all and she's within the safe timeframe. I
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Duke Of Edinburgh Gives Up Driving

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