A Taste Of Things To Come?

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Kromovaracun | 08:13 Sat 09th Feb 2019 | News
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Talks between Japan and the UK over a new trade deal have stalled, having been ongoing for 18 months.

Japan had been willing to extend its current trade agreement through the transition period, but is not willing to duplicate their existing arrangements beyond that because they are confident that they can extract better terms out of the UK than they could from the larger EU, especially if there's no deal.

This is what real trade diplomacy looks like. It's extremely slow (18 months is by no means exceptional and is actually on the quick side) and highly calculated. The UK is going to desperately need replacement trade deals and everyone knows it. That puts us in an inherently weak bargaining position.

Is this a taste of things to come?


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Haha. The "Oirish Times" Brussels Hibernian megaphone. Ignore.....nothing of any accuracy reported here. Can yo find a report from...…...say Japan?
Question Author
It's a copy-paste to all intents and purposes from the FT, which I didm't want to link to because it's subscription only.
Bwahaha. Jungle drums R. us accuse Serengeti Times of causing fake Gnus stampede. Mooooo.
Question Author
Also I don't speak Japanese so, no, I don't have a Japanese source. But we're not usually so exacting in our standards are we?
While the EU and Japan have recently casually tossed one off. (So to speak)

As an aside the Irish Times appears to have disappeared from the shelves in GB over the last while, to be replaced by the grossly inferior Independent, a paper my dad loathed with good reason
Given the recent anti British rhetoric from the Irish, something they may live to regret, I'm really not sure on the validity of any of this.

I can quite understand though why the Japanese would not want to negotiate any treaty when they dont know what will happen. So the 18 months thing is a red herring.
The problem with Remainers seems to be their penchant for believing their own Project Fear propaganda. It’s a though they think that some sort of benign altruism from other countries is necessary to keep this country afloat. It isn’t. Business is business and countries that have healthy trade between them will continue to trade. Stop being so weak!
Trade talks usually take forever: it’s the nature of them I’m afraid.
All lies of course :-)
Kromo can you not give us some news from a reputable source please and if you can’t do that well, make it up
Everyone tries to get a deal that's best for them. The UK may get less than ideal deals initially, but both sides should want a deal, and if one nation is being unreasonable, concentrate on those that aren't. Folk should recall Japan's GDP dropped from 2012 so they ought not get too cocky about their present position. Have faith in our merchants and hope in our government.
Not sure the Japanese are getting too cocky OG.

As I said, would you stroke a deal with a Country when you dont know where it is going?
If there's profit for your nation in it, why not ?
Question Author
I did not think Irish Times would prove so objectionable, I was just trying to find a link which had the same content as the FT, which is where I originally saw it.

I'm sure you're all right though and this is obviously all made up. Who knows? Maybe there were never any Anglo-Japanese talks in the first place...
Lol kromo

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