Another Statistic To Add To Mayor Khans Drive On Knife Crime

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retrocop | 21:49 Fri 08th Feb 2019 | News
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The weekend Butchers Bill starts already and right on my doorstep. Hope the kiddies coming out of school were directed to another meeting place for their parents. Sickening and ,as usual,cowardly.


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Horrific and let us first of all lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of the murderers.
Yes, this would not have happened if Boris was still the Mayor.
It is all the fault of Mr Khan. ?????. Wake up retro.
Mr Javid's problem: he funds the police, Mr Khan does not. How's he doing? Too busy jostling for power, I expect.
Is mr. Khan to blame for every crime committed in London......
Cheam? Nonsuch Park?

Leafy suburbs of Surrey, Retrocop.

Young VE lived next door to Cheam (Sutton) for a while and used to clean windows around there.

Tony Hancock was a neighbour.
Ah it was East Cheam then, v-e.
After reading a little more about this, I shall amend my comment to murderer (singular) the other person arrested is suspected of assisting an offender.
London Road, North Cheam according to reports.
cheam good and not cheap I conclude
Mr Khan's drive against knife crime seems centered on youth and gang violence in inner London - this incident, tragic as it is, is clearly not of that type.
Whether or not Khan is to blame for this incident, and I doubt it, I still am confused and frankly infuriated as to why one of the largest cities in the world in a country which is predominantly Christian has a muslim mayor...Yes, yes, I know he was voted in, but by whom? Is London now not even British? How large is the ghetto?
Native English are a minority in the UK's capital city. And very few of that minority are practising Christians.

The East End of the chirpy cockney has not existed (except a popular TV fiction) for twenty years. That population has been replaced by Muslim new-comers who are very serious about their religion and their culture and have a well-organised group of representatives who have the perfectly legitimmate aim of advancing the cause of British Muslims. And if you are a "Muslim" candidate for any political post you will get full support from that committed section of the electorate, Sanmac.

The same is true in all our Midland and Northern cities and towns. The Muslim population will have strong representation in all areas of local government and will be an influential lobby which local MPs will have to respect.
As usual v-e has encapsulated the situation quite succinctly. We’ve given away this beloved nation for a portion of pottage.
And continue to do so David.

The Liberal elite have a lot to answer for.
//We’ve given away this beloved nation for a portion of pottage. //

What is that exactly? I must be missing something because I see no benefit whatsoever in what we've done.
It would seem that one of the most dangerous places to be nowadays is outside the school gates waiting for your child. There have been at least three incidents this week all involving parents picking their children up from schools. Just imagine the traumas those children will face now and possibly for the rest of their lives.I don't know what the answer is but I don't think more police is the answer.
Question Author
The perpetrator was arrested by armed police virtually in my back garden. He was hiding in a van in Cheam leisure centre car park at the back of my house,
The coward apparently was known to the victim who was holding a child in her arms when he stabbed her.
// I must be missing something because I see no benefit whatsoever in what we've done.//

no no nanette !
surely not - the mess of pottidge was meant as metaphor as something worthless in return for his birthright.

OK so what is the favoured AB solution?
everyone going to skool turns up in a suit of armour?
good history point, for lead-in for medaeval chivalry etc
There is a case going thro Manchester Crown Ct

Parents were sending their kids to answer the door even in iffy circumstances in Gunchester - so the gunmen started shooting the kids ....

The North is a foreign country to some
//the mess of pottidge was meant as metaphor //

I know. Go and have a lie down. You're becoming hysterical.

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Another Statistic To Add To Mayor Khans Drive On Knife Crime

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