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bentaxle | 20:40 Fri 08th Feb 2019 | News
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Must be nice to be a "Traveller" above any laws of the land and can behave in this way in front of the police and public , but Secretary Sajid David is considering making it a criminal offence ,and that should but a stop to it , but in the mean time just carry on
as usual Mr Traveller , Joe Public will clear up your mess for you as usual and there must be some Lead that needs stripping from some roofs to keep you occupied


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>Secretary Sajid David is considering making it a criminal offence.

Making what a criminal offence? Being a traveller?

Yes, they do make a mess and I'm pretty sure the police sometimes turn a blind eye to avoid confrontation. but if they really are above the law making something else a criminal offence will be ineffective
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It is high time Trespass was made a Criminal offnce. Currently it is a long winded civil process in law. The only Criminal offence that springs to mind with regard to trespass is Trespass on land with a loaded firearm. I stand corrected if their are other criminal cases of trespass.

I'm reasonably sure that:-

dozens of travellers broke in and stripped the entire building of metal

is a criminal offence
there not their
It's clear more should be done, wanton destruction,theft and piles of refuse left behind should stop being tolerated.
"strip the 46,000 square foot building entirely of metal"
That's theft isn't it ? So that's not presently illegal ?

No CCTV ? Why are they not on film and in the process of being arrested ?
Why should we 'Joe Public' have to pay to clean their filth up after them out of the council tax that we pay.
hullooo - - - theft is already a criminal offence

the fact the police stood by and did nothing is unconnected to swearing at or about a gypsy

[after Brexit of course they will all go back to indonesia]
chrissakes - they are stealing things - isnt that enough ?

and yeah - criminal trespass has been widened ( of course )

if you trespass and revolt against something the govt doesnt want you to revolt about ( hunt sab - greenham - dog soup etc) then it may be trespass ....
may a crime -- - - damn as well as trespass
The answer to this has been proposed but not acted on. Simple, just make it illegal to pay cash for scrap metal .Bank transfer ONLY & after proof of identity .
EDDIE51 as an electrician who does weigh in scrap.
This is already in place.
you can only get rewards for scrap paid into a registered bank account.
And will be taxed on it in the very near future.
The reason "travellèrs" get away with the crap they get away with is because the authorities are scared to have a go at them for fear of being labelled racist. Travellers are white, so as a white man I love in no fear in calling them thieving scumbags araeholes.
Travellers is a mealy-mouthed term. They are gypsies or pie keys.
(there are more romantic designations of our free-spirited "travelling" community, innit?)
Cowardice by the authorities. Trembling lest they open a can of worms containing political correctness regulations.
Hoist by their own petard so to speak.
// Simple, just make it illegal to pay cash for scrap metal .Bank transfer ONLY & after proof of identity .//
erm i think they do - dont they?

when the henry Moore turned up at a scrap yard, a traveller I know said - yeah that was one of my cousins -
and i said - how did he know?
and he said for chrissakes even as a traveller you can tell a work of art from a lump of metal ....
what even a henry moore/

1930s - there is a family called stein
there Ep and theres gert and theres Ein
one carves junk
the other writes bunk
and no one can understand Ein.

and he said no it was really really well made ....
I recall the case of a police officer who twittered that he had been to his Force Guidelines seminar on dealing with travellers on their pitch.
Officers were advised, as a mark of respect, to remove their footwear if they were invited or obliged to enter their caravan.
"Not bloody likely,"he tweeted, "you'll never see them again!"
After a short suspension from duty he was reinstated and given words of advice. Lol

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