27, 12, 19?

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spathiphyllum | 10:06 Fri 08th Feb 2019 | News
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How do we feel about this case? Obviously the man committed an act of paedophilia, but is he to blame, and should he be punished when he had no clue of the girls real age, as she said she was 19?

Could the man claim entrapment? Not that the girl wanted the man to be caught...

It's an oddun.


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Not even going to read the article because no one mistakes a 12 year old for a 19 year old.
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I think you're underestimating how many 12 year olds are on social media, copying their 40 year old influencers.. Wearing makeup, wearing clothes you'd never normally see on a 12 year old. Being on dating apps you shouldn't be on if you're under 18...
But one has to word a law to do the most good. In this case the adult is meant to be sure, not just ask and accept someone's word: someone who is too young to be considered responsible. (I'll look at the linked article now.)
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How are you meant to be sure? Ask for ID?
I know 12/13 year old girls who could easily pass for much older. It sounds as if this girl is seriously off the rails.
For obvious reasons we don't get to see her, in order to judge how old she looks, but the problem here is that if one hooks up over the Net, meets up, and immediately, on that first meeting, goes off for sex, that's a risk one will be taking. I can possibly have some sympathy for those inadvertently caught, but it's limited because they didn't check by getting to know the other person first; they just jumped at the opportunity without regard.

BTW spath, those pictures tend to look to be of underage girls, even when it claims they are not. All the more reason to not jump into bed immediately, and for older girls/women who are lucky to look young, to carry age identity (or put up with the situation).
You become sure by meeting friends, maybe family, before having a jump. Stick to those who are obviously over the age limit if you want multiple casual sexual encounters.
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They apparently didn't have sex, and the 12 yr old insisted they go back to his. He took an indecent photo and preformed an indecent sexual act, but there was no sexual intercourse
Ah having looked at your picture again I see that the pictures are the wrong way around compared to the title. In which case it shows one can tell for that particular individual.
Depends on your definition of 'having sex'. Seems the law includes indecent sexual acts, it doesn't need to be coupling.
You were to boast later that you had sexual activity though it is fact you had not.

not sure I follow that sentence (spoken by the judge).
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he boasted by taking a photo, and sending it to a mate.. Not sure if that counds as distribution of underage girls.. It's a bery sketchy ground.

Naomi sorry i've only just seen your answer, as you can probably tell i totally agree.

This girl in the article is also apparently a serial runaway

OG i hear what you're saying, and proven by how this man was punished i do totally agree with you also.. Make sure the age is what you think it is. I'd rather ask a girl for ID and tell her i'd rather not sleep with a kid than go and accidentally sleep with a kid. Wouldn't you?
he admitted sexual activity with a child but the judge says he didn't have any. That's a bizarre state of affairs.
I think he meant they didn't have intercourse, but did have sexual acitivy. the chap boasted he had 'nailed her' (charming) implying that they had intercourse.
Jno, the story seems to be that he boasted that he had "nailed" her which, I guess means that he had claimed to have had penetrative sex. The truth seems to be that he hadn't.
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Some 12 year olds can easily look over 18, and this is nothing new - some of my daughters friends were definitely 'Jail bait' my wife and I used to comment on it.

I think what has failed here is that the law doesnt recognise intent. This man was on an adult dating site looking for whatever (that doesnt matter) and this underage girl connected and misled him. he did NOT go looking for underage sex and that is why I dont think he should have been jailed. He is not a kiddy fiddler and is probably traumatised by it himself especially now he will be put on the NONCE wing with the real perverts.

I think the law needs looking at. The problem is it is really not practical for 'couples' to carry passports round to prove they are consenting adults. However "dating" sites could be made to do it, perhaps that is the way but that only covers hook ups via that method.

Difficult one.
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To connect to a cyrpto currency wallet you need to provide acceptable ID. Maybe this could be implemented on 18+ dating sites
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