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well they are idiots to mess up their careers but not sure why it should be more newsworthy because they are soldiers......its a myth that some trades and professions are more virtuous than others. I have known many nurses who were nowhere near angels and often not very compassionate people either.
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Because soldiers are suppose to serve and protect not steal thousands of pounds worth of scratch cards as a gang from corner shops.

Soldiers have a certain representations to uphold. They should have a certain level of respect surely?
oh listen, soldiers get drunk, fight, do all the other things silly young (and older) men I said a myth.
Doctors should not kill; lawyers should not pervert the court of justice; police officers should not commit crimes; bankers should not steal from their clients; priests should not abuse....

They are all human and where there are a lot of humans they are a few evil people. Always has been, always will be.

They are only charged, haven't entered pleas yet, and there hasn't even been a trial yet.
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"do all the other things silly young (and older) men do"

we don't all go around as a gang of thiefs. That's not what silly young men do, that's what criminals do..
Elnur Bracegirdle was the name of one of them, I haven't heard of either his first or surname before.

It was a stupid crime, they end up losing much more than they would have gained.
Have you never heard of Chelmsford Military Prison and who do you think the inmates might be?
Servicemen from all Armed Forces.
If found guilty what prison would they end up in Military or civil?
I would imagine a Civil prison as it was committed not within Military juristriction.
I have a picture in my father's scrapbook of him escorting a prisoner into a magistrates court for committal for trial in the late 50's.
The prisoner was in No1 Army uniform and charged with double murder of a Doctor and his wife in a burglary on their house in Edgeware. Middx. The soldier/prisoner was hanged in a civil prison.
That's a shame (not for the murdering scum strung up). I am pretty sure Military prisons are much more like I think a prison should be rather than the civil holiday camps.
There was a TV series about 20 years ago about the fly on the wall documentary inside Chelmsford Military Prison. It was an experience I doubt any serviceman would wish to experience again. Certainly no Human Rights lawyers and *** house lawyers in there. If you passed muster,collectively, in the barrack block after a weeks daily inspections the room was allowed a radio for the week. Any transgressions ( bed pack not folded properly) loss of privilege.
To listen to our resident ex con bewailing his lot in a civvy gaol makes me laugh.
Grenadier Guards, are not , the Queens Guards.

The Grenadier Guards were first formed in 1656 by the exiled Charles II in Bruges, as the ‘Royal Regiment of Guards’, under the Colonel Lord Wentworth.
The Queen's Guards are,for ceremonial duties, Househod cavalry and the Blues and Royals( Sovereigns Escort). Our sovereign ,the Queen is commander in Chief of all our armed services and technically has the say on their deployment but leaves it to her senior officers and cabinet to make those descisions. A bit like the President of the USA being CIC.
Grenadier Guards or civilians, makes no difference - nasty crimes.
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Queens Guards Charged With Robbery

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