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It's definitely in the genes, poor Meghan gets blamed for everything !
Question Author
It's not her fault she's fit and people are envious of her relationship with the royals.
Question Author
Less fit now she's a royal was better in suits i think.
No, I still think she's absolutely gorgeous spath. She shone on her wedding day.
The hatred spewed out towards her is disgusting, accusations of using a surrogate is the latest one I have read.
It's no-one else's business who someone chooses to marry and as you say it's likely jealousy, but it comes with the territory of being in the public eye and I don't for a second think it bothers Meghan Markle, although I suspect it does Prince Harry as he'll feel he needs to protect her, but I think she's a She-Wolf and doesn't give a damn, and good for her.
Can I just point out she is not Meghan Markle, and it annoys me when she is referred to as such by the media
It is definitely in the genes, people should be ashamed for blaming Meghan.
Why is this 'news'?
Question Author
Because Naomi we're discussing a news article from the Express.
Question Author
RR correct she is Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
News was the best section at one time but it gets more like Chatterbank everyday which is a shame.
Meghan Markle, with a bit of luck will be the final nail in the RF coffin.

All the thicko needs to do is get a syrup - if he's bothered by it.
I don't think many man marry because they are desperate and don't want to lose the potential wife they have because they are balding.

Anxiety about baldness is probably lower now than it has ever been.

How long since you saw a pathetic comb-over on a man under forty?

Men these days accept their baldness, get a crop, and gracefully accept the hand that nature has dealt them.

I'm not saying that any man is thrilled to be bald, but accepting it is far more common now than previous generations when the notorious com-over was seen everywhere.

It doesn't matter if this is a slow news day for the Express, they don't really do 'news' anymore, but this is desperate, even by their standards!
I think that baldness in men is now much more acceptable than baldness in women.
So young for both of them to be going prematurely bald, I’d say hair transplants, maybe too late now though .
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex means she is either widowed or divorced. She is simply The Duchess of Sussex.
Or this... start at 3.57 into the video to cut the spiel x

What a load of rubbish from the Express. The headline asks if his marriage is the cause of his rapid hair loss, then in the article it suggests he married BECAUSE he was quickly losing his hair.
And then this which made me wonder why we're even talking about this ridiculous excuse for journalism:

"...male pattern baldness is a fact of life for sum." I ask you!
Also, the Queen and Prince Philip are only third cousins, both being descended from Queen Victoria.

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