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Sooo his balding is down to marriage ( to anyone ) or just down to his marriage to Meghan. Nothing to do with his genes then.
What's really important in this situation is that, probably, in a few years time he will become addicted to Tootsie Roll Pops, and come out with phrases such as "Who loves ya, baby?", and "Cootchie-coo."
He should get rid his bed headboard????
Question Author
Calico i can't think of anything worse than putting glue on your bald head and then putting a toupee on top of that.

I think men are fully embracing baldness in todays age.

I know i'd rather go bald than to faff about with a wig / transplant or hair piece. There is less of a stigma around bald men.

Most men start to bald before they're even 30
My OH is starting to go bald and it has nothing to do with me :-)
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you like my hair? Thanks i just bought it..
Think it's great that people are happy looking any way they're happy with, if bald floats your boat and you can rock that look, good on you. I'm a long hair groupie personally but I have to say it generally does have to be the guys own hair, but I can see why someone that young guys age in the vid would be happy with his semi permanent wig, it does take years off him and I've seen them really close up and you can't tell at all :) x
Callicogirl - You are a 'long hair groupie'?

No Ritchie Blackmore, Jo Lyn Turner, Gene Simmons, Ian Paice ... the list goes on - for you then!!!
I don't think shaving the head is always the way to go. Some men look great, but older men with saggy jowls etc. might struggle to get away with it. They need a hairdresser who can minimise the obvious bald patch without going for the dreaded Bobby Charlton combover.
Lord that list is like Jurassic Park Andy, I'm not sure what would make them look better, but bald or hairy they aint doin it for me :)
Jurassic Park?????

Some of these musicians are my contemporaries!

How very wounding!!!!!!!!
They're probably some of my partners contemporaries as well Andy but some folks wear better than others (and I'm sure you're still pristine ;-)
Calicogirl - Thanks, you are instantly redeemed!!!

I can confirm that almost all the important areas of me are indeed pristine, but sadly, that is down to lack of rigorous use!!
one of the daftest headlines I've ever seen.

(The Express headline, not spath's.)

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