If 9 Million Greeks Defy 450 Million "europeans"...

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vetuste_ennemi | 00:30 Tue 05th Feb 2019 | News
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...that's not acceptable.

Nicolas Sarkozy quoted inthe second part of "Inside Europe: 10 Years of Turmoil".

What do you make of that, then?

(Ancient "News", but not necessarily irrelevant)


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I doubt that the Greeks are under any obligation to obey other Europeans.
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The context is the Greek bailout and the austerity package imposed on it in 2010, OG.
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Fascinating documentary. Look forward to part three next week.
Ah. They still do their own thing. If neighbouring nations don't think they can let Greece fall, then it's them with a problem.
The Greek problem has not gone away, the EU (Germany) must be worrying how it is going to continue to finance Greece without our help.
the bubbles are just one of several EUSSR nations up Tish Creek without a paddle. Once we are out, it'll get worse, hopefully the whole sorry mess will collapse and free those nations trapped within.
“Brexit is a revolt against the German run super state”
he says.
All the guff about Germany below you can believe or not, but it isn’t the reason for the referendum result.

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If 9 Million Greeks Defy 450 Million "europeans"...

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