Tv Licence Fee To Rise

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naomi24 | 08:24 Sat 02nd Feb 2019 | News
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//BBC confirms viewers will have to fork out more for their TV licence as the cost rises to £154.50 from April 1.

Dozens of people have complained about the price hike on Twitter, saying that the licence already costs too much and asking if it is now time to 'scrap' the system.//

Is it time to scrap the system?


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Not one single person was prosecuted from the result of 'a detector van'. They were empty vans (as admitted by an ex licence enforcement officer)
Were the BBC to drop it's News coverage, it might go down tuppence to 40p a day - I'm all for that.

I source me news from various outlets.
//I source me news from various outlets//

Me, too, Mamya. But watch the "News" channels on TV quite a lot. Will always prefer Sky (or even Al Jazeera) over the Beeb: it's not quite aquote[obviously] bent. OK, it's better than CNN which I also watch occasionally for entertainment.
I never usually watch live tv never mind Bbc, so I pay tv licence for nothing, if it’s going up I think I’ll just cancel it
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yes let's scrap it, daylight robbery...
The stupidity of people is why we are leaving the EU! I know people who pay the likes of SKY,etc, up to £10 per week for several 'sports'-'Films' - 'Music',etc. packages,well over £500 per year and ignore 'Freeview' and complain when the BBC is acknowledged around the world as creators of first class programmes. I agree that some of their so called 'stars' are grossly overpaid,so economies could be made there and sending several reporters to the same locations is pointless!However,what do we know?
“Its NOT law to have a TV license.....”

‘Fraid it is nailit. Communications Act, 2003, Section 363:

363Licence required for use of TV receiver

(1)A television receiver must not be installed or used unless the installation and use of the receiver is authorised by a licence under this Part.

(2)A person who installs or uses a television receiver in contravention of subsection (1) is guilty of an offence.

(3)A person with a television receiver in his possession or under his control who—

(a)intends to install or use it in contravention of subsection (1), or
(b)knows, or has reasonable grounds for believing, that another person intends to install or use it in contravention of that subsection,

is guilty of an offence.

(4)A person guilty of an offence under this section shall be liable, on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding level 3 [£1,000] on the standard scale.

We can argue over the niceties of detection and enforcement, but the statute is plain enough.
//Daylight robbery//

Oh Emmie, I just fell off my chair, you are a caution.

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Tv Licence Fee To Rise

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