Tv Licence Fee To Rise

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naomi24 | 08:24 Sat 02nd Feb 2019 | News
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//BBC confirms viewers will have to fork out more for their TV licence as the cost rises to £154.50 from April 1.

Dozens of people have complained about the price hike on Twitter, saying that the licence already costs too much and asking if it is now time to 'scrap' the system.//

Is it time to scrap the system?


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It's not time to scrap the system.

It's fantastic value for money, imo.

I've always got loads of BBC programmes on my recorder to watch.

I'd pay the licence fee for BBC4 alone.
Plus, it's advert-free as well!
Whilst I'm happy to pay the fee, I don't agree that people should go to prison for not paying. By not having a licence, you are essentially barred from watching all TV, and that can't be right, or fair.
'I'd pay the licence fee for BBC4 alone.'
So would I
New 4 part drama starts tonight BBC4.
rockyracoon, bit like going in a pub, id like an x, sorry you have to have that...with the bouncers next to you.
Ohhh this SCREAMS brexit...
//Is it time to scrap the system?//
Yeah, don't pay it. What they going to do, put millions of people into prison?
Its a stealth tax with no actual enforcement unless you let the enforcers into your home and actually switch on your tv to show them that its receiving live tv. People are so ignorant of this ''law'' that's its staggering.
No need to scrap the system, just sack Gary Lineker.
I don't have a tv now but when I did I told the 'enforcers' to do one, they never came back. They never came back because they were on commission and knew that they wouldn't get into my home because I wouldn't let them.
Its NOT law to have a TV license.....
Folk cannot be gaoled for not having a tv licence, they can only be fined. They can be gaoled only if they fail to pay the fine.

If folk have to have a licence but don't pay for one, what remedy do the authorities have if a fine is not available?
Honestly cant get over how much fear this BBC TV License thing generates?


I'm sure the majority of us grew up knowing the TV licence was part of household expenses - when we got our own home after we married in 1975 it was one of the priorities along with all the other utilities.
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I can't remember offhand how much the licence fee is per month, but Sky tv is £6.99 (because I wanted to leave) and Netflix is £5.99. Much more choice too... it may have made more sense when there weren't any other options with a tv.
I agree with the posters who are fans of BBC4. It's my favourite TV channel.

Happy with the licence fee, but wish BBC stopped posing as a news provider.
If the BBC dropped its "News" personnel it would save a lot money. The Jo Coburns and all that lot could probably get a job on Channel 4 and the like, or go back to writing articles for the Guardian. Mind you, the latter would mean taking a big cut in pay.
//Fear? //

2 minuets later...
//I would be fearful of a £1000 fine landing on my mat//

Yes, fear!
Just stop it!
The beeb has no right to snoop into your home...please show me the law that they have?
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//..Were all those detector vans fake? //
In short, yes!
They were.

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Tv Licence Fee To Rise

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