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A young lady full of care and compassion like her Mum , more power to her and all the people who helped.
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She has brought a lot of joy to those care home residents. I hope that other care homes take note and do something about the deprivation of little, everyday comforts that could make residents feel more looked after.
Shocking that some seem to be dumped and forgotten about. The report of a male resident wanting some pants that actually fit him made me very sad.
It is sad Tilly that some have no one who cares.
A wonderful caring little girl.
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I am going to ring my Dad's previous care home tomorrow and ask if there are residents who don't have any visiting, caring relatives. I'd like to make a difference to someone, if I can.

This story has really made me think about what can happen to you when you are old and unwanted.

I visited my dad every day and he always had exactly what he needed and wished for. We were planning a holiday in Blackpool, of all places, when he died. Als, it was not to be.

I have been moved by this child's compassion.
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^ Alas.
Good for you Tilly. x
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I'll see how it goes, Patsy. Thank you.
I don't think you can just start visiting in a care home or anywhere else where there are vulnerable children or adults, you need to be vetted beforehand - I'm sure the goodwill would be welcome but I don't think you can just decide to do good like that

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