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A most abhorrent crime. I would have thought a good barrister could have made a murder charge stick, but I suppose with the current wooliness in the CPS and the judiciary generally, manslaughter more likely to get the guilty verdict. I wonder what would happen if the Jury Foreman declared "Guilty of Murder" when the jury returned to court. I guess the judge...
14:46 Wed 16th Jan 2019
Sadly, yes.
total savages, throw away the key.
That is grim.
Too immature to control themselves sufficiently to parent, too lacking in understanding to realise the consequences of their action; an absolute tragedy. Unsurprised these things happen somewhere though. There are all sorts making up society.
Kids can be annoying you know :-)
I saw this yesterday and it made me feel sick. Was the mother not in the car?
She was on the back seat with the child whilst he was in the foot well.

Alfie's mother, Adrian Hoare, 23, was in the seat behind her son and is charged with manslaughter alongside Waterson
Wrong time wrong place for your humour squad , children/ babies appear to be the punchbags of some adults now, feeling frustrated/ angry kill a child. No doubt this person will hav a very plausible excuse for his behaviour ,
That's crass even coming from you, sqad....

Poor little mite. Inadequate parents with no idea of what they are/were doing.
They need to be kept away from decent society for quite some time....
If you read the full article, you'll see they're going to be charged with manslaughter, and that they tried to lie about what happened.. Even going as far to say they got a taxi and the child simply stopped breathing, when let out the driver drove off.
I can't work this out. Was Alfie in a child car seat in the footwell behind the front passenger seat or was he just sitting on the footwell floor?
I think he was potentially having a tantrum, regardless, ended up on the floor in the foot well, no child seat.
Thank you, Spath. So that was the first endangering action...

it would seem so.. As there is no way a child could be in a foot well and in a car seat.

Whats worse is, the first time the chair was pushed back, they saw the potential life threatening consequences. Then when the chair was moved forwards again, the child played up (or made a noise) which angered the man again, so he did it again, that time, harder and for longer.

Have to agree with TTT, such malice with intent.
Nothing plausible could excuse that action from either of them. They must have both been humanly inadequate for years. Hope they get their comeuppance. however unsavoury.
Not only did they 1, commit man slaughter but 2, they perverted the course of justice by making false statements to police. Perverting the course of justice for ur own child. Grim.
Just a few years in prison, then.
If sterilisation was mandatory for scum like this, at least they wouldn’t be able to have more children to mistreat when they get out of prison.
Truly sickening, that poor child.

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