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ToraToraTora | 11:16 Sat 12th Jan 2019 | News
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How will TROB - etc deal with far right extremism if they manage to contrive to cheat the people?


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‘This could end centuries of "moderate" politics in the UK, he said, as he urged his colleagues to back Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal.’

Got to be a good thing that, hasn’t it? Aren’t we all always complaining how parties are too alike?
Question Author
far right extremism is a good thing is it ZM? right oh!
I never said that. It will have to take something pretty radical to get us out of this political malaise we find ourselves in. No pain, no gain. I thought you were ‘all for’ radical solutions being a leave voter. No?
Question Author
deciding to leave is not radical, simple logic.
Yes, but let’s not get bogged down in that debate again (I know I know.....I was first to mention it......but only to illustrate your usual thinking).

Do you not think we need to give our politicians a wake up call regarding illegal immigration and economic migrants? I’m sure you’re always banging on about it.
You reap what you sow. Sow anti democratic seeds and harvest anarchy.

//What would be the statistical probability of a minor, almost artificial-looking, outside-Parliament scuffle and name-calling just happening to be witnessed by two anti-Brexiteers with media access, allowing a 24-hour anti-Brexit media narrative just happening to be run for the specific 24 hours preceding an unconstitutional anti-Brexit Parliamentary amendment by an anti-Brexit MP just happening to be improperly accepted by an anti-Brexit Speaker, leading to an anti-Brexit measure being voted by an anti-Brexit Parliament?
You just can’t help wondering if it’s all been scripted, can you?//
Surely everyone with a smart phone has ‘media access’. Where is your quote from, Togo?
what a shame the voters of the country chose to elect this wicked parliament when they could have gone for a party led by a Brexiter. Still, that's democracy for you.
Indeed. And then expected them to deliver Brexit in a smooth and efficient manner. And then expect them to do a great job of controlling all our affairs. Puzzling, ain’t it.
Hunt's point was made in support of May's deal, to which you've already said that you are so opposed that you'd rather stay in the EU. So which is it? Back this rotten deal, or back out of Brexit? Those are the two choices that Grayling is offering you.

It's a bit of a weak argument anyway -- not because far-right extremism is not a threat in the event of no Brexit, but because the sort of people who think it's OK to shout "Nazi" in the street, or generally run riot, would probably find any excuse whatsoever to do so. So you are still left with the original question on whether or not to support May's deal on its own merits.
Togo, if it was a put up job and was rightly criticised by both leave and remain voters (as speculated in your link) what was it’s purpose?
Send in the 2nd Batt of the Paras. They have a way of silencing opposition
Mmm. Military intervention. Just what we need to escalate this dogs dinner of a situation.
do they have separate Remainer and Quitter units, sandyRoe? This could lead to dissension in the ranks.
"Mmm. Military intervention. Just what we need to escalate this dogs dinner of a situation."

Could do a lot worse. Few well trained squaddies over the railings from both ends of Downing Street whilst the coppers are on a fag break. May and the Cabinet taken off to the Tower by boat to await sentencing. A Brigadier and a couple of Colonels installed in No 10 directing operations with all access to Parliament denied until March 30th. Job done.
Sounds like the basis for a cracking sit-com, NJ.

May’s Maurauders, perhaps, or Quick March 29th?
perhaps they could call in Turkish troops, who've had some experience in coups over the years. It would be nicely ironic if Britain ended up run by Turks after all.
I thought Islam was already swamping the country anyway. Wouldn’t a Kamil Ataturk at the head of our Govt just be a natural evolvement?
Where’s Khandro when you need him ;-)

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