How Easy It Is To Become A Victim...

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spathiphyllum | 10:16 Fri 11th Jan 2019 | News
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Unless you're SK. ;)

When i signed up to get my TV license, i did it through the governments website.

It has clear instruction of how they will contact me, when and why. So if i got a random email claiming to be the TV licence company, i'd know it was a scam.

It seems it's just too easy to fall for these kind of things these days.


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Sparkly Kid
What's Sparkly Kid?
Question Author
its a joke, evidently that wasn't got.. No need to descend into a discussion it when a thread will highlight all that is unknown.
Oh, I see.

If it's a joke why is it in News?
Because its a real story that has been reported on BBC news?
I posted the same link on the scams forum 4 days ago
Question Author
I had a look in news to see if it was reported on, didn't think to check spam
I posted it in spams and scams 06/12/2018..... More than a month back.
Question Author
you were a head of the game togo
Link Wars!.........:-)
Haha. If you have a look at the December post there is some good info.
yeah I get it in the neck from younger viewers

oo- PP - you use those things you have to write on

PP - cheques
YV - yeah dem =izzat wot they are? coz theyre checked !
PP - no

for which I pay and pay by the way
Question Author
LOL i pay my tv licence with a direct debit.. Can't be handling cheques ;) Too much effort
// Because its a real story that has been reported on BBC news?//
rather than reported on CNN when it would be fake nooz ?

I always wondered how you can tell

oo I thought it was SK as in DSK - DOminque strauss kahn - he was chief of some bank and Fransh and thought he was the beez knees as a French lover.
so he 'had' some African maid in a NY hotel
and was blackmailed - she went darn the nick and complained
then her phone was recorded widda lady saying

'I've got him as planned... plan A will swing into action'

career ruined
Anne singer divorced him

latrer attended swingers parties and engendered discussion about what bordello was in French ( maison d'occasion) or maison clos

I thougth SK was him - just trying to up the level of converstaion to belly button level
"It seems it's just too easy to fall for these kind of things these days."

Only if you're gullible.

The perpetrators of these scams are utter irredeemable scumbags of the highest order, but I really do struggle to have a great deal of sympathy for people who voluntarily provide information.

Instant transactions with online banking are great and very convenient, but I do wonder whether instant transactions on personal accounts should be quarantined for, say, 5 days before they are actually paid over, but I can see this could/would cause issues for legitimate payments.

The banks are usually blamed for for scam payments for allowing the payment to be made - but where all the correct information is provided for the payment to be made, what are the banks meant to do? Refuse the payment? Phone the account holder every time? The former is nonsensical and the latter is impractical.

I don't know the answer from a bank's point of view.

The only way to stop, or at least reduce people becoming victims of these scams, is for people to wise-up a bit.
this was a very convincing scam email; my OH, being superliterate, fortunately spotted that licence was spelt license. Not everybody will do so.
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people need to know the TV licence peeps would never, ever email (unless told thats preferred contact) you, let alone asking for those details.

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How Easy It Is To Become A Victim...

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