Don’T Lie On Bombs

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ChillDoubt | 18:17 Thu 10th Jan 2019 | News
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It’s only January but we may already have a winner for the 2019 Darwin Award

I know that Einstein said that stupidity in humans was infinite but surely this doesn’t need to be spelled out, does it??


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Can’t we sort the capitals appearing after abbreviations in thread titles?
It makes the site look very amateurish.

Oh wait.....
What a twit!
Some people have to be told simply everything!

He meant well ;o)

/// When it started whistling he covered it with his body, apparently trying to limit the damage ///
Didn’t want to damage his Marrow perhaps
//When it started whistling he covered it with his body, apparently trying to limit the damage.//

huh ?
perhaps trying to shield family or neighbours? Might be brave rather than stupid, but I'm glad nothing happened.
Bazile, some mines go off not when you step on them but when you lift your foot off again. He might have thought he'd triggered something and hoped that staying on it would stop it exploding.
Personally I think I would have run away when it started whistling rather than lie on it, but we do strange things when we panic.
venlo incident anybody?

terrible intelligence defeat in late 1939 for the brits
('dont send men with knowledge to negotiate' - spycraft 101, chap 1) which resulted in no spy network in the early part of the war
Perhaps he thought it was a 'bouncing Betty' and tried to keep a lid on it. :-)
or what about the radiation death of Louis Slotin
( I mean did ALL of you spend your phizz lessons behind the bike sheds, smoking and gobbing? and um thinking about making gurlz pregnant)

think heart of darkness where mr jedburgh clicks two plutonium sticks together and gets blue air ionization
and the whole conference runs for the doors ( lethal radiation ) screaming because (they think) they are all gonna DIE!

yeah anyway - Slotin and a previous dead pal were assing around with ploot - and the air ionised ( went blue and sparkly) showing an uncontrolled chain reaction and 'hard radiation'
so he .... threw his body over it - as water in his tissues would slow the neutrons down and end the chain reaction

it did
and he died of radiation sickness 10d later but in the propaganda of the time - his gallant action had saved the lives of the other workers in the room

perhaps the dutchman was thinkiing of this
In the war comics trash of the fifties and sixties
tommies routinely lay on live grenades thrown by the Huns in order to save the rest of the group

himmel! englander pig-dogs! - - those ones

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Don’T Lie On Bombs

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