Chris Grayling Is A Fraud

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spathiphyllum | 17:21 Tue 08th Jan 2019 | News
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£14 million contract awarded to a shipping company with no money, no ships, no track record, no employees, no ports, no working website, no sailing schedule and only one telephone line.

How can this happen with such a public eye on it?


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It does seem strange. I thought they had a website though, because wasn't some of the text on it lifted from a Chinese takeaway or something?
Question Author
LOL It would not surprise me. I mean.... Does the company even exist? If so, i bet my bottom dollar it doesn't operate nout.
Presuming it's the same Company, there has been some chatter on it.
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Oh my days ludwig -.-

Only site i can find...

Their log in details are a photo LOL. Frauds. The lot of em.

Did not see 10ClarionSts thread.. even if i did i probably wouldn't be aware it's about the same thing lol
It's not unusual for transport contracts to be awarded to companies that don't actually own the the relevant type of transport. The rail company I worked for (London Eastern Railway, trading as Anglia Railways) leased all of its rolling stock and just about everything else it used in its day to day operations. Its total physical assets consisted of one van, one car and a few other assorted items, totalling only a few thousand pounds in value. Despite that it was consistently rated as the best rail operator on the UK mainland (with only the Isle of Wight's tiny Island Line coming ahead of it overall).

Many (probably most) other train operating companies don't own any trains but that doesn't prevent them from running train services. I can't see why it should be any different for ferry operators.
That's one more telephone line than you can get from some large companies.
/// the best rail operator on the UK mainland ///

Not exactly a great challenge.
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Buen, Surely the train company has/d money, employees and some kin of shedule?
At the point that London Eastern Railway tendered for the contract they had a board of directors and little else. They later inherited their staff, and the basic structure of their operations, from British Rail. That, to some extent, meant that they were burdened with the remnants of what had gone before. I'm sure that they would much rather have started completely afresh if they could!
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I see.

Do you feel this could 'potentially' be the case for what we're seeing here?
I'd like to think that something similar would apply with regard to Seaborne Freight but I can't see how any operator could be ready to run that route by the end of March. That's simply because neither Ramsgate nor Ostend ports look as if they can be ready in time.
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we can hope! We have to just have trust in the people who make these decisions
Mulberry harbours, that's what they need
No Money?? I presume they had enough cash to pay the Bribe ??
There does seem to be some ignorance on here as to how these things happen.

Even if it was a current ferry company does anyone think they would have the equipment, staff and infrastructure there ready to hand? If they did I would suggest they were not the company to pick as clearly they would be a bunch of wastrels.

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Chris Grayling Is A Fraud

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