There’S Always Been Ugly Views About Brexit (From Both Sides)

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cassa333 | 07:10 Tue 08th Jan 2019 | News
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But now that an arch remainextremist has been called a nasty name suddenly it’s all getting a bit unnecessary.

I wouldn’t call Soubry a Nazi by any stretch of the imagination but I would call her an arrogant condescending *** who belittles leavers and her own constituents to a breath taking degree.


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The people voted leave. End of!
Leaver myself, but no excuse for nastiness. However, her contempt for Brexiteers encourages this behaviour, which is wrong.
I dont agree with this form of protest IMHO it undermines ones argument, however it was not violent and she is a politician who does not listen and is arrogant to the extreme (and not just on Brexit). How else are people to get there point across?
It's interesting to see that they are trying to get the Police to stop it, clearly she, and the others, hate democracy and free speech. Well they would wouldn't they when the little people are calling hem out.

I see Macron is also attempting to quell the protests by using the heavy hand of the law. Neither of them seem to get it, people can only be pushed so far and the liberal elite are in a minority.

It is all going to end in a lot of tears st some point.
//I see Macron is also attempting to quell the protests by using the heavy hand of the law. //

He's playing with fire... he really is.
I don't think it should be allowed. I've been watching it on the BBC, they are intimidating!
It is, ummmm.
So ummm, how do the public communicate or show their digust with the people they elected and pay for?

As I said, I personally dont agree with it but also I am reticent in stopping it as it will become a very slippery slope to no free speech.

I see they are also playing the 'woman' card too. Clearly they have forgotten instances against men - Pressa and the egg spring to mind (been many others) where there was actual violence not just nasty (but with an element of truth) words.
Naomi, personally I think Macron is finished, we are seeing the last throes of a would be dictator. The granny snatcher has Napoleon syndrome I reckon.

They can do it without getting that close. I don't care what side they're on, don't get that close and scare people.

Stick to writing it on banners.
OK, I can get that. How close should be permissible? 2 feet, 6 feet?

Banners are pointless to Politicians like Sourbry. That is why people feel the need to get close.

That is a slippery slope you’re on. Abuse and jostling are not “free speech” whether it’s against Anna Soubry, Nigel Farage or anyone else
I don't know tbh. I'm all for free speech but a line does need to be drawn. Intimidation is not acceptable.

That's for the law makers to decide.
"And Commons Speaker John Bercow said he was "concerned" about a "pattern of protest" targeting female MPs and journalists."

Why is it worse for women to be targeted than men? In this crazy world of "equality" is this not a "sexist" remark?

Nothing happened when J. Rees-Mogg and even his children were verbally abused on his own doorstep, so why worry about Kate Burley and Anna Soubry?
No, it's not sexist. If I got into a fight with a man the chances are I couldn't defend myself like a man could. That's not sexist, it's realistic.
I'm getting a bit fed up with people calling other people Nazis (unless they are). It's stupid.
Lets call the whole thing off . Stay or go we whats the difference .Nobody knows so why bother .
I did actually email the BBC yesterday asking them to either move location totally, renting nearby offices until Brexit or just stay in the studio because it’s tedioys listening to one baying mob after another or some eejit with a 15 ft pole and banner, resulting in ever-changing camera shots to negate them.
I’m not a fan of Soubry but her treatment was diabolical, whilst Plod stood idly by.
no fan of the spanna myself but this is right out of order.
"The people voted leave. End of!"

But it's not end of by any means.. We're being strung along and will we even get a brexit?? I think this is what's causing tensions outside parliament. The end is not neigh.

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There’S Always Been Ugly Views About Brexit (From Both Sides)

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