Syrian's "escape" From Europe......not A Dry Eye In The House!

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ToraToraTora | 22:53 Tue 01st Jan 2019 | News
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Fingers crossed he makes it!
I thought it was a 'she'.
That's just the monobrow and full moustache, Jackdaw.
Yes, you can be proud of what you've done with your constant outpourings of hate.
same reason Jews stopped emigrating to Nazi Germany
^You're rather confused, old girl.

This is much more akin to Jewish people smuggling themselves back into Nazi Germany.
(if you actually get your world view from the aBBC)
Gee, thanks Canary.
Question Author
from the link: "What bothered her the most, she said, was not being able to hear the sound of prayer coming from mosques. She also felt out of place wearing a veil in a non-Muslim country." - why move then?
Here's to hoping more go.
They are stupid to expect to roll on some other countries doorstep and expect them all to change their lifestyles to those which most refugees are trying to escape.
Seems strange that what someone was fleeing from, and had no country to return to because of it, was less awful than not hearing prayers from a mosque, and finding disapproval from those around her for her decision to opt to wear a veil. One wonders if this was reported correctly.
Question Author
"Zakariya has been living in Germany since he fled his home country.

But he says integration has been difficult, and that his hosts view refugees as terrorists rather than Muslims" - Nooo, what ever gave them that idea?
We will get by without the rapists and jihadis rather better than with them.
It's a start.

Perhaps we could start a go fund me for others that would like to follow?

This is a prime example of the sort of immigrant we do not want. Plenty of others willing to embrace our way of life so it's no loss to the West.

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Syrian's "escape" From Europe......not A Dry Eye In The House!

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