New Years Honours List

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ChillDoubt | 00:54 Sat 29th Dec 2018 | News
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The great and the good are duly honoured:

I agree with some, others not so but invariably that’s how it always is, everyone has their opinions.


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I would disagree with the notion that some get honoured just for being well-known. What we are often not told is the amount of work such people do behind the scenes for charities etc.

A well-know person giving their name to a charity can often pay huge dividends to the public awareness of that charity, and that person often does a lot of work which goes unreported.

On the other side of things. I recently met someone perfectly ordinary who had received the MBE for services to medicine. As has been said in other posts, a huge number of ordinary people are honoured, but it is the famous names that get reported, so gives a skewed impression of the system.

Even so, is having the time and inclination to do some charitable work worthy of a national honour ? And being well known and simply used as the marketing face, that's worthy of one too ? It's past it's sell by date IMO.
nothing for you again, OG? Me neither.
They missed me out! But Sir Mohammed Farrah? Really? Coz he runs fast? Like anybody who has never been caught? Oh that was last year!
Need more Muslim Knights of the Realm.
Sleep better!
Theland -Well , you could make a similar comparison about any sports star

Theland - they could have made Mo a lord - Lord Saladin......
I don't think that honours should go for something from which you make a living, write, run, sing, act, be a politician or civil servant etc., they should go for something over and above one's career.
THELAND, if Mo Farrah were Christian, would you oppose his knighthood still?
Corby; ^^ He didn't say he opposed his knighthood
Well, I'm sure if some waded through the 232 page PDF they may find someone they think should get a mention, but then again I wonder if a beautiful orchid forced its way through their flagged path they may rush off for the weedkiller.

"It's being so cheerful keeps me going". (shamelessly nicked)
He wrote, "But Sir Mohammed Farrah? Really? Coz he runs fast? Like anybody who has never been caught?"

Does that sound like he supported the knighthood?
whatever the criticisms ladled out here and in the news at large, it's good to see the team that saved those Thai footballers in the caves out there have been awarded George Medals, MBEs and Queen's Gallantry Medals. Well done, No 10.
There are many inspiring and courageous recipients, others we make not care a jot for in truth - the same is said each year.
Who would you give an AB honour to? (maybe this should be a separate question)
I think one should go to Buenchico, though I disagree with some of Chris' opinions, he is the most diligent answer-er of questions, and has helped many - which is what AB is supposed to be about.
That type of thread comes up often Khandro, they don't always go well I'm afraid.
Question Author
Buenchico is indeed generous in his answers but then he bucks the trend.
AB lives up to its name about 5% of the time and pretty much every question could be answered very quickly via a simple Google/YouTube search and masquerades on weekends as a puzzle-solving and crossword completion service.
It’s basically just a discussion group and is an ‘answer bank’ in name only.
Maybe, but many people don't know how to get (or how to find out), from Accrington to Scunthorpe by bus and train starting at 4:30 on a Wednesday morning, ask and he will deliver.
He will.
THECORBYLOON - “BIRDIE, have you recommended an "ordinary" person be awarded an honour?”

No. And your point is what precisely?
You wrote earlier, "I would like to see the honours list *primarily* comprise of 'ordinary' people who have selflessly given their time and sometimes their money to help those less fortunate than themselves. These are the 'nobodies' in society who do things not for their own benefit or their own 'brand' but instead do things out of the goodness of their hearts."

For "ordinary" folk to be honoured, someone has to nominate them. If you want them to feature more in future lists why not nominate someone you believe to be deserving?

That was my point.

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