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thesshhh | 18:45 Sat 15th Dec 2018 | News
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Just a bit of fun.... Can you come up with titles of well-known Xmas songs or ideally carols incorporating names of politicians? For example, O Come O Come Emanuel Macron, or I Saw Theresa’s Hips.


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Why in News ????
Silent Night

Sir Greg Knight, Julian Knight
Afzal Khan, Jeremy Wright
Nicola Sturgeon, Peter Kyle,
Rosie Duffield, Mike Penning Al Mak
Sweeney, McKinlay and Rees
Sweeney, McKinlay and Rees
as the americans washed their stories by night?

bit hackneyed - meant ot be a comment on the lies in Washington that goes on ....

O come O Come Mrs May be serious !

Hark - the Brexiteers whine!
It Cameron a Midnight Clear
shurely that needs editing to

It didnt cameron a midnight clear
what about a tribute to Tommy Yaxley Lennon
elton john's rock opera

Tarmy I can see you! Tarmy ! Tarmy!
Jingle bells, Macron smells a million miles away...
Theresa flew away....
Not Macron Junker lol
While MPs fiddled their expenses, all seated round the trough,
The angel of the Lord came down and said "Right, that's enough"
I Saw Three Schitz
I Wish It Could Be Chris Huhne Every Day

dean (he spills more than he drinnks) Martin

Let us go! let us go! let us go!
Hmm as MPs watched the expenses by night
all seated on the ground....
It's beginning to look a lot like No Deal
Everywhere you go.

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Political Silliness

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