Buzzcocks Lead Singer Pete Shelley Dies Aged 63

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ChillDoubt | 22:36 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | News
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Ever Fall In Love could be one of the songs in soundtrack of my life.



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RIP Pete Shelley.
Far too young. RIP Pete.
RIP Pete Shelley.

R I P Pete.
Oh no! RIP.
Brilliant song.
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Sorry to hear this. I saw the Buzzcocks in 1977 in their Boredom and What Do I Get days. Great gig.
awwww..sad..RIP Pete
I was also saddened by this news. Loved that single
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Deary me, the mods must be bored today or we've got a new one in ranks!
Wouldn't it be easier to allow mods to correct a post (my removed one was rectifying my predictive rubbish where Fall should have been Fallen) instead of removing the correction post?
Or was it because I'd circumvented the auto-mod with my word for excrement that rhymed with kite?(shock/horror that sensibilities would be so dreadfully defiled in the 21st century!)
Sad news - RIP Pete.
RIP Pete & thank you.

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Buzzcocks Lead Singer Pete Shelley Dies Aged 63

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