Soon They Will Be In Charge Of Our Planet ...

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wolf63 | 22:17 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | News
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It won't be long before the world is taken over by robots (and Cats). Is the human race doomed?


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The world is already run by cats. They enslaved humans long ago.
Have to agree with Buechico. All the cats I’ve ever lived with, including my present owner have ruled the roost.

I predict in ten years time there will be human like robots.
wrong chic, it's the mice!
They're only in charge of maintaining it. But some seem incompetent and have special needs.
we're slowly poisoning ourselves and every other species on the planet so yes we are doomed.
No, the human race is not doomed.

Some will be but not the entire race.
Yes, we're doomed, but hopefully it will be a while yet !
looking at the state of the country at the moment, it seem's to be run from the mad house.

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Soon They Will Be In Charge Of Our Planet ...

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