Father Makes Bully Daughter Walk 5 Miles To School

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ChillDoubt | 19:36 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | News
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Excellent parenting IMHO.



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I would tailor the punishment to the age of the child, what mattered to the child and the severity and reasons behind the wrong they had done.

I would not have publicised any punishment to show the world what a fabulous parent I think I am.
I read into the report that he broke up the walk over the three days (apologies if I'm mistaken: it's a while since I read it).

If that is the case, and she walked less than two miles each day, the punishment seems more reasonable for a child of ten. Children here can be expected to walk three miles each way, I think, before buses are provided.

The posting of the video and identifying details are unacceptable, however. Underage offenders are very rarely identified in the UK, with good reason.
I think we all agree the punishment is fine. Putting it on the internet is not.
If this proves to stop her being kicked off the bus for bullying . job done ! I doubt the father expected this video to go" world wide " .
Kids of her age live their lives through social media I wonder if she uploaded any of her bullying in a similar way.
the internet thing is wrong, and if he didn't intend it to go worldwide he shouldn't have made it public - he wanted it shared
Good points by anneasquith and SparklyKid.

I don't think that the punishment is severe enough. She should have been "beaten" as well as made to walk.

as for the internet........well look at AB....everybody puts their private life and habits on the net now:

What are you having for dinner?
My FIL has just died.
Bliss is watching romeo and juliet at the theater.
morning ozzy,have you8 been to the toilet yet?
My grandson has just got 4Alevels.
here is a picture of my daughters baby's's a boy.

and so on and so is the world we now live in.
sqad are you ever asked to play father Christmas lol x
What punishment would I give?
First I'd talk to my child to get their version of events, then I'd speak to the bullied child and their parents and clearly apologise. Then I would if the other parent is willing arrange a meeting between the two children under controlled circumstances for my child to listen to the bullied child and for my child to apologise in person and hopefully learn what an intolerable thing bullying is. Then I'd arrange a suitable punishment ( which might include walking to school), loss of privileges, chores, working for a charity of the other child's choice and I'd insist that they wrote the bullied child an apology as well, what I wouldn't do is upload anything to the internet as that will make the kid feel less empowered and more likely to bully again.
Sparkly however does raise an interesting point, the exception to that MIGHT under incredibly exceptional circumstances, be if my child had uploaded their bullying to the net to gain kudos, but it would have to be super severe and super exceptional and all other avenues would have to have first failed.
//I doubt the father expected this video to go" world wide " .//

Well, he has a poor grasp of how the internet works.

// I wonder if she uploaded any of her bullying in a similar way.//

Well, if she has then no one has found it yet or it too would be circling the earth.

Kvali........grest answer expected.
been there...dunnit.
It rarely works in my opinion, but sounds reasonable on paper.
Parenting is easy when you're not a parent.

I have no problem with the punishment but he shouldn't have put this on the internet.
This seems to be less about the punishment, than the father's desperate need for self-aggrandisement.

Discipline is a family matter, not something to parade around the Internet for no apparent reason other than to say "Look at me, and what a fabulous parent I am!"
Question Author
It’s a funny thing, the internet. Massively opposing views to how an Australian boy dealt with bullying.
Anyone remember it?

As it was her second count of bullying I guess Mr Cox assisted the school before matters got out of hand:

I’m sure little Kirsten will have been ribbed by her classmates and in a couple of weeks the infamy will have worn off and she’ll be a far more rounded human being.

Yes, I remember Casey - a great piece of self defence.
Watch out for social services and the PC brigade.
My dter was regularly kicked by peer in her convent (parents were rich upstanding RCs). Dter retaliated by calling bullies mother a tart. Mother Superior demanded my dter write an apology to bullies mother that I told my dter to ignore. I was called into convent to explain. I told MS of the kicking & that the mother served in the bar of golf club, hence tart. Shock, horror an exclusive convent parent be a barmaid! The girl was pulled out of convent by embarrassed parents ;)
Nothing judgemental there then - that's all of us who've ever served in a bar given our character ;-)
Can never understand why catholics can't wait to tell us they are catholics.
Some things can be resolved without violence. As for barmaids, nowt wrong with them unless they have beastly kids.

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Father Makes Bully Daughter Walk 5 Miles To School

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